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  • How he said he should have become a roblox channel killed me

    Dillan DaliegeDillan Daliege3 timer siden
  • Whyd she look like billie eilish when she jumpscared you the first time lol

    Aimee ClarkeAimee Clarke16 timer siden
  • Omg lol i can imagine Daz living in a house like that. 😂 Daz- "walks in" honey I'm home!

    xXPoppyQueenXxxXPoppyQueenXx2 dager siden
  • Hoping that Daz, buys the full game ^_^

    Archwing GamingArchwing Gaming2 dager siden
  • We hope you're telling the truth and will be playing it because we know you lie remember Sims

    I Love Harriet WrightI Love Harriet Wright3 dager siden
  • “What in *FLOATATIOUS FUCK* is that?!”

    Felix’s cheese stickFelix’s cheese stick3 dager siden
  • mommy milky!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Josh McArdleJosh McArdle3 dager siden
  • Since you like RE, why haven't you played RE 2 remake and RE3?

    Moto AddictionMoto Addiction4 dager siden
  • To be honest daz my lesbian ass just watched the whole video just to see big scary mamma 😭

    Daz fanDaz fan6 dager siden
  • I don’t think I can play this one😂. This one looks scary af, resident evil 6 will always be my fav🥰.

    Christina LipscombChristina Lipscomb7 dager siden
  • I think daz is the one person out there who was actually scared by the big tiddy vampire lady, everyone else just wants her to step on them

    TyreeceboiiTyreeceboii7 dager siden

    JaDoPeCo_ The Prop-makerJaDoPeCo_ The Prop-maker7 dager siden
  • You can't wait to play the Whole Game, I can't wait for you to play the Whole game so I can watch it and be happy

    Julia CreepypastafanJulia Creepypastafan7 dager siden
  • Daz: "ReHeHeHeHeAlLy?" Me: Jim Carey🧍‍♂️

    badboyshakespearbadboyshakespear9 dager siden
  • "I really should have become a roblox channel" -Daz 2021

    AtRandomAtRandom11 dager siden
  • The things Daz says 🤣

    Gabby FGabby F13 dager siden
  • aNyONe eLSe WaTChInG In 2o20

    Bruhify The3rdBruhify The3rd15 dager siden
  • i skipped daz's intro and i thought the game was some random indie horror game lol

    Blue FoxBlue Fox15 dager siden
  • What’s the game call?

    Ny’Asia HendrixNy’Asia Hendrix18 dager siden
    • Resident evil

      Bruhify The3rdBruhify The3rd15 dager siden

    Ellison's faulEllison's faul18 dager siden
  • Mommy milkies

    Bean ManBean Man19 dager siden
  • this game looks amazingg, but am i the only one who doesn't get resident evil vibes

    Pallo PääPallo Pää19 dager siden
  • i love how dazz does that Ace Ventura Jim Carrey "re re reallayyyy"

    Pallo PääPallo Pää19 dager siden
  • Daz: „I don’t deal with ghosts!“ Also Daz: *follows the ghost up the stairs*

    Let’s_Get_IlluminaughtyLet’s_Get_Illuminaughty19 dager siden
  • I can't wait for this game to play when it comes out. Also I subbed!

    Reptiles lover KennyReptiles lover Kenny20 dager siden
  • Can you play that online horror with the rake again plz

    Owen KeatingOwen Keating24 dager siden
  • 11:23 To this day, this is my Favorite scene lol he was so joyful making a joke, and it was replaced with a priceless expression when he heard the footsteps

    ζ͜͡NovaX Gamingζ͜͡NovaX Gaming26 dager siden
  • daz: Hey my older sisters on her period..Shes a bit crazy when she is... Daz: *sees sisters\Floating figure* Daz: "WHAT IN THE FLOTATIOUS FUCKKKKKKKKKK IS THAT-!!!!!!!!!

    Lily KittysLily Kittys27 dager siden
  • Aaaaaa she turns into moths 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Caleb Martin kingCaleb Martin kingMåned siden
  • His laugh scares me more than the game

    Lexi LouLexi LouMåned siden
  • Daz it's out

    Alex RobertsAlex RobertsMåned siden
  • Pause at 14:07 , daz's face

    Matthew FergusonMatthew FergusonMåned siden
  • Tbh daz should play roblox, who else agrees?

    Finley HunzekerFinley HunzekerMåned siden
  • Daz your a real NOworld god

    Brayden WarrenBrayden WarrenMåned siden

    Hisoka SimpHisoka SimpMåned siden
  • Is it bad that I thought she was pretty 😅

    weirdo_77weirdo_77Måned siden

    Loner_Stoner 666Loner_Stoner 666Måned siden
  • This kinda gave me Skyrim vibes

    Hannah RhodesHannah RhodesMåned siden
  • Daz: ahh falling bodies of doom Game creator: coming next June falling bodies of doom

    Karl JamesKarl JamesMåned siden
  • Just the title picture made me say yep haha nope

    Karl JamesKarl JamesMåned siden
  • Daz,u need to play more horror games

    Riley gamesRiley gamesMåned siden
  • ☺ |\🎻/ /\

    Riley gamesRiley gamesMåned siden
  • Im scared.

    Riley gamesRiley gamesMåned siden
  • me looking for the 149 people who disliked the video:

    krabinskikrabinskiMåned siden
  • Watching this at 1 percent volume 😰

    hugh glenwrighthugh glenwrightMåned siden
  • “This is what the rich and powerful people do, everything on top is great, but done below is where they keep the bodies” so true

    Cameron CarverCameron CarverMåned siden
  • am i meant to be scared coz im laughing my head off

    infused gaminginfused gamingMåned siden
  • You should play overlord

    Eloraine NelEloraine NelMåned siden
  • 11:57 I died a little

    Money BagsMoney BagsMåned siden

    Phoenix _Devil666Phoenix _Devil666Måned siden
  • Well that’s it.

    yournightmarepro 666yournightmarepro 666Måned siden
  • I said I wanted a message but dam😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    yournightmarepro 666yournightmarepro 666Måned siden
  • *dramatically gasps* a scrap of paper 😂

    Miss LindsMiss LindsMåned siden
  • Dude, I love you. You inspire me to stream :3

    Miss LindsMiss LindsMåned siden
  • My sisters ps4 broke and she has to keep fixing it, she wanted to get the ps5 but can afford it so she's stuck with a broken ps4, anyway I almost peed myself watching this- XD

    Ah WassupAh WassupMåned siden
  • “B!tch bit my face” -Daz 2021

    Mariya FakhruddinMariya FakhruddinMåned siden

    Charles MartinthespartinCharles MartinthespartinMåned siden
  • “Ohhhh crap in a hat!!”🤣🤣🤣

    Multi FandomMulti FandomMåned siden
  • Oh no! The ultimate evil! _HORNY!_

    The Quality ComedianThe Quality ComedianMåned siden
  • Why did she turn into Wolverine?

    Tom MortonTom MortonMåned siden
  • Oh Crap In A Hat😂

    Jayden CratesJayden CratesMåned siden
  • AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FALLING BODYYYS!!!!!!!!!!!! im dying this guy kills me lmaoooooooooooooo

    Malaina EvansMalaina EvansMåned siden
  • Is it me or do I feel like there is something following him

    SkydragonSkydragonMåned siden
  • Am I the only one that knows there will be a jump scare and so your just scrolling through the comments

    SkydragonSkydragonMåned siden
  • This person looks very distinguished, I like the mansion she lives in. Very luxurious plus she looks loaded. I'd want to live there just in case she wants to adopt any nearly 19-year old girls into her family.

    Hannah WillsHannah WillsMåned siden
  • 15:00 Gugu Gaga i want...i wAnt mIlk

    Съни ПаловСъни ПаловMåned siden
  • Daz if you really like scary games i think you should get roblox and play the mimic 😁

    Sam the wolfie 2Sam the wolfie 2Måned siden
  • No one: Absolutely no one: Daz: "standard"

    Serena FoleySerena FoleyMåned siden
  • Woman: I’m watching you.... Daz: No YoUreE nOt No YoUrE nOt!

    Olivia MorrisOlivia MorrisMåned siden
  • i’m so gay that i’ve fallen in love with those women

    Katelyn MKatelyn MMåned siden
  • ,a hand oh shit,

    Thecuber123 373Thecuber123 373Måned siden
  • Honestly if it wasn’t for Daz .. I wouldn’t exist

    Nintend0 BabyNintend0 BabyMåned siden
  • I’m pausing and unpausing to take a breather because of the intensity this games created in my brain (Edit):THE SHIT WERE THOSE NOISES I CANNOT CONTAIN MYSELFFFFF

    Nora Bᴇᴀʀ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔNora Bᴇᴀʀ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔMåned siden
  • Loool “it stinks so bad” “welllll I won’t be dipping my finger in that” 😂😂😂

    Moo MooMoo Moo2 måneder siden
  • Daz guess what.............hot mia is in resident evil village

    Tyler.AzureMCTyler.AzureMC2 måneder siden
  • someone going into a real restaraunt instead of mcdonalds me: 10:16

    bambibambi2 måneder siden

    Joshy’s PleasantYearJoshy’s PleasantYear2 måneder siden
  • Daz: plays horror game Also daz: can you not do a weekly shop everything is out of date

    Trinny ShayTrinny Shay2 måneder siden
  • I shouldn’t have watched this at 2 am while my dogs decide to bark

    Klara ChickenKlara Chicken2 måneder siden
  • upon watching this video i have recently discovered i’m in love with this style of house! i’ve been searching different types of mansion, etc and i can’t pin point what style this house is? does anyone know? i see it used in a lot of horror games and i’m hooked on it.

    courtney robertsoncourtney robertson2 måneder siden
  • "Bolt cutters in the ass" "Well at least she didn't die a virgin" 😭

    Peyton StillmanPeyton Stillman2 måneder siden
  • She needs to go on ahunger strick scary thing uuhh but dam bit women at the end going to watch alll your othe resident evils now daz cant wait to see you play the full version

    Morgan SandomMorgan Sandom2 måneder siden
  • Hey daz, I'm a new dazzler and I love your content! It's hilarious 😂

    That one squirrel _UwUThat one squirrel _UwU2 måneder siden
  • Daz: I’m not here for a wine lesson love *Meets Alcina* Also Daz: OH CRAP IN A HAT!!!!!!

    Yuki KittyYuki Kitty2 måneder siden
  • With my phone I cant even hide in the comments

    Vanessa LineyVanessa Liney2 måneder siden
  • I legitimately sunk down when the tall woman came out, like I wanted to fall to the floor!! I was scared shitless!!! Thank you Daz I need to go change lol

    Mischievously Giddy JackelMischievously Giddy Jackel2 måneder siden

    Diamond DerkesDiamond Derkes2 måneder siden
  • Castle jdhdhdggsbsggs sounds quit nice

    Alfie BoltonAlfie Bolton2 måneder siden
  • Can you not do a weekly shop 🏬 everything out of date 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Sarah BrennanSarah Brennan2 måneder siden
  • Is here

    it's CORESY-X kingsliit's CORESY-X kingsli2 måneder siden
  • Auntiiiiiiiiiii

    it's CORESY-X kingsliit's CORESY-X kingsli2 måneder siden
  • *People simping over the lady at the end* Me: I wanna be that tall 👁👄👁...

    AIKO ÖAIKO Ö2 måneder siden
  • Where tf is life is strange 2???

    Maddox HuntMaddox Hunt2 måneder siden
  • “The amount of ex girlfriends I’d put in those” First of all, same.

    Haylee MunnsHaylee Munns2 måneder siden

    C. Arabella. MC. Arabella. M2 måneder siden
  • I always hide in the comments for these videos

    C. Arabella. MC. Arabella. M2 måneder siden
  • He got me at part 11:30 to 11:45 the in the f**** is that 🤣🤣🤣

    TROY MTROY M2 måneder siden
  • HEY- WHAT ARE YOU DOING HIDING IN THE COMMENTS!? Ugh ok fine you caught me hiding in the comments too..here are some foods...🍔🌭🌮🌯🥙🥗🥪🍕🍟🍖🍗🥓🍱🥘🧆🍲🍛🍜🍝🍣🍤🍿🥟🍳🥞🧇🍪🍩🧁🍦🍨🍧🥧🍰🎂🍭🍫🍬🍆🍑🍓🍒🥑🍌🍎🍊🍍🌶🍋🥥🥚🧀🥜🥔🍇🍉🥝🥯🍞🥦🥖🥒🥕🌽🍡🥨🍏🍅🍘🥬🍚🥐🦐🍈🍙🍢🥡🍐🌰🫐🥠🫒🥫

    MilkMilk2 måneder siden
  • I would say that you missed some important parts of the plot for the game, in the letter that you didn’t finish reading it hints towards people being used for their blood to put into wine bottles and sold off. In a different letter it mentions the house being owned by a mother and her daughters, (who are vampires I suppose) hence why they use human blood in their wines and in foods or drinks they have laying around the mansion. They’re wine business is very popular so that also explains why they live in a very fancy mansion. I’m interested and excited to see how this game plays out👀I wonder if that monster in the dungeon plays an important or interesting role in the full game, can’t wait to see your reaction😂

    sp 64sp 642 måneder siden
  • "Oh...They're burning people...standard!" hahaha

    Hannah GrahamHannah Graham2 måneder siden