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  • I don’t care that I spelled the title wrong. Now I’m keeping it just to annoy you 😂😂😂

    Daz GamesDaz Games18 dager siden
    • I just noticed that

      SourSpaceSourSpace10 timer siden
    • I saw it as Japanese until ya said.

      Pretzal naPretzal na2 dager siden
    • You spelled it wrong?

      Jennifer bentleyJennifer bentley2 dager siden
    • My brain auto corrected it lmao 😂

      ZehnderSpaceZehnderSpace2 dager siden
    • Just btw you spelled Japanese wrong

      CyberClockCyberClock3 dager siden
  • me randomling putting the video in .25 speed randomly knife falls out of the sky

    Joe DJoe D4 timer siden
  • dude just read the notes its so annoying when you just skip them.

    Artin KhammarArtin Khammar7 timer siden
  • Daz"this game is not normal" me"whats normal"

    Ania LottAnia Lott10 timer siden
  • i may be in the comment section daz but I don't look at the jumpscare list so ptftftt

    Ania LottAnia Lott10 timer siden
  • Daz please part 2

    Ruan Van der merweRuan Van der merwe17 timer siden
  • Game is full of lore.. you skip everything.. :|

    supertamal2000supertamal200020 timer siden
  • YESS PART 2!!!!

    Adriana PinedaAdriana PinedaDag siden
  • This literally reminds me of the house the grudge took place in.

    Adriana PinedaAdriana PinedaDag siden
  • I love how he screams AHHHHHHHHH.........well played ........sees key loud noise THATS IT I AM SHITTING MY SELF I love your content btw

    Savanna HamblinSavanna HamblinDag siden
  • I love how when he gets scared a small bit its always a yelled out 'Jesus!' But when he's realllyyyyy scared he breaks out into song 😂😂

    Sonny CoulsonSonny CoulsonDag siden
  • wheres part 2

    Brittney HammondBrittney HammondDag siden
  • I live the grudge. I also watched the ring at age 10 and was kind of terrified sooooo

    Mileven_ STMileven_ STDag siden
  • 16:44 whatever sound Daz made, made my dogs head tilt. She never does that lol. So I played it again and she tilted her head again. Idk why haha

    Jill RidlehooverJill RidlehooverDag siden
  • Daz:*gets jump scared by a pan* Daz:*Immediately goes into song* Daz: Itsss AlriiiiiiIIIIiiiiiiIiIightttt

    KingzKingz2 dager siden
  • What is this game called??

    Sogou ChoiSogou Choi2 dager siden
    • He literally tells you at the beginning

      Callum - カラムCallum - カラムDag siden
  • "GOD ALMIGHTY MIST" *claps* " fUcK"

    hayden powellhayden powell2 dager siden
  • That singing was amazing.

    Dark WolfDark Wolf2 dager siden
  • Love when you do horror games 🥰

    Casey JaiCasey Jai2 dager siden
  • No one: Me: not even 5 minutes into the video and already shitting myself.... 😳😳😳😳

    Isabella HongIsabella Hong2 dager siden
  • Ur more scarier than the game when u scream😂😂😂😂😂

    ENC ShahhENC Shahh2 dager siden
  • Daz you will never get old

    SirPenguinSirPenguin2 dager siden
  • does anyone else find the creaking and footstep sounds satisfying

    Silas MustinSilas Mustin2 dager siden
  • "im a little boy IM A LITTLE BOY" hskdhsjdhs

    Cora LaneCora Lane2 dager siden
  • everyone in the comments: tHiS iS hOw MaNy TiMeS dAz MeNtIoNs ThE gRuDgE me, wondering how many times he said “god almighty”: 👁👄👁

    Kate ShippeKate Shippe3 dager siden
  • Fatel frame 2 vibes 100%

    Elizabeth DayElizabeth Day3 dager siden
  • I’d be lying if I said didn’t love your content, great job as always. I’ve recorded myself playing a horror game, which I didn’t think would ever be a thing. But I did, and I shit myself, so have a look if you’ve got a spare few mins lol.

    LolitsMeLolitsMe3 dager siden
  • Honestly the atmosphere of this game was really well done but it was basically just an exploring simulator with the occasional jumpscare. It got a bit boring after a while tbh

    LucyLucy3 dager siden
  • A place where the sun doesn't shine but the wind blows through. LOL!

    Goat LoganGoat Logan3 dager siden
  • i dont think it was 203 separate complaints, i think it was complaints for a room 203.

    Sarah ThomsonSarah Thomson3 dager siden
  • This is dope broski

    NickMortuusNickMortuus3 dager siden
  • Japnese, absolute big brain.

    SimplyCriSimplyCri3 dager siden
  • I would love to see a part 2

    Cody FloodCody Flood3 dager siden
  • Everyone waiting for part 2 like 👁️👄👁️

    KBH PLAYSKBH PLAYS3 dager siden
  • People watching at 12:00😬😬😬

    claydogclaydog4 dager siden
  • 11:43 Daz: Get your @$$ out of the comment section looking for "jumpscare lists." Me: 🙂 he caught me.

    The Cliche Future Cat LadyThe Cliche Future Cat Lady4 dager siden
  • Him: all mighty miss Me: oh just take the y away and miss and the answer is all might Well

    Baddie EriBaddie Eri4 dager siden
  • Daz: .•♫•♬•ITS ALRIGHHTTTT•♬•♫•.

    Emma MccormickEmma Mccormick4 dager siden
  • Why do I watch these at night 😂. Daz makes it less scarier with the reactions

    CaMaKaZiE ShAd0WCaMaKaZiE ShAd0W4 dager siden
  • What's the game called

    Jacobside 4466Jacobside 44664 dager siden
  • *Daz mentions The Grudge* Me- *remembers how much that movie traumatized me as a kid*

    Daij’ShaDaij’Sha4 dager siden
  • 3:29 daz: dffjyyjfykdhdsjuk jesus christ FuCkInG bUm 3:45 daz: starts reading solfy

    Shorty kinda badShorty kinda bad4 dager siden
  • Y'all be simpin for daz, I cant blame u 👀

    Jack RogersJack Rogers4 dager siden
  • Part 2🕵️🔎

    Krystin ReivesKrystin Reives4 dager siden
  • I see you hiding in the comments.

    Gacha_Life XxMilk_TeaxXGacha_Life XxMilk_TeaxX4 dager siden
  • Beautiful daz. You should join the choir 6:06

    IHSANbtw #by the wayIHSANbtw #by the way4 dager siden
  • Ngl but that skeleton that fell from the ceiling scared the absolute crap out of me

    EclipseZachTEclipseZachT4 dager siden
  • hey daz

    Leon HemmingLeon Hemming4 dager siden
  • His screams scare me more than most of the jumpscares in this game 😂

    _kawaii._.neko__kawaii._.neko_4 dager siden
  • Your reactions make the game alot less scary and alot more watchable 💐💝

    _kawaii._.neko__kawaii._.neko_4 dager siden
  • yooo it kinda reminds me of corpse party lol

    Ines El BedouiInes El Bedoui4 dager siden
  • Let’s go part 2 please love you daz

    Abigail Phillips-SavageAbigail Phillips-Savage4 dager siden
  • why does that place still have power lol

    IlikeshrimpIlikeshrimp4 dager siden
  • I keep replaying the part where the knife comes down

    IdkIdk4 dager siden
  • Japnese really how could you fail that spelling of Japanese to japnese

    Dr unknownDr unknown5 dager siden
  • “Were the bolts in these doors made my beats” had me😂

    CharlesP7CharlesP75 dager siden
  • 13:20 and i shit my pants

    unoxys channelunoxys channel5 dager siden
  • me there like: UwU Konichuwa Dazzy! Genki desu? (Hi Daz, how are you)

    Kabiym ChajeinzKabiym Chajeinz5 dager siden
  • Daz you remind me of my grandmother

    Gphsuf psbsifyGphsuf psbsify5 dager siden
  • Go onto video setting and put the speed to the slowest XD its rlly funny

    Ara AraAra Ara5 dager siden
  • part 2.!

    Brooklynn WadeBrooklynn Wade5 dager siden
  • I love your reactions Daz!!!

    itz fortune gamingitz fortune gaming5 dager siden
  • Daz is the one NOworldr that acc makes me happy and makes me laugh 🤪

    Summer BurrowsSummer Burrows5 dager siden
  • 29:19 it really be vibing there 💃🏼

    Quak ZZQuak ZZ5 dager siden
  • Another reason to not go to Asia ☺️

    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔʕ•ᴥ•ʔ5 dager siden
  • "THIS SHJT IS SCARRYYYY"is kinda quite by him 😂

    ella coxella cox5 dager siden
  • We need part 2

    Ben SPEIRSBen SPEIRS5 dager siden
  • Daz: * door knocks unexpectedly*GOD ALL MIGHTY, GOD I GET IT YOURA GHOST YOU CAN FIND THINGS. cRiSt

    Giliana BravoGiliana Bravo5 dager siden
  • What is this game called?

    Darrin WarrenDarrin Warren6 dager siden
  • " Gods all mighty mist *claps* "fuck"

    Exta JAYExta JAY6 dager siden

    Exta JAYExta JAY6 dager siden
  • Please make a part 2 im hooked on this story. Also imagine waking up in a hotel youre making your morning brown and all you hear is daz yodeling that its alright. Some scary shiz man

    Denis RusDenis Rus6 dager siden
  • Daz: we are intelligent! Doors open Daz: NO WE'RE NOT NO WE'RE NOT.

    JadedAUJadedAU6 dager siden
  • I'll buy an ice cream for whoever will count how many times Daz said ''grudge''

    RautrixRautrix6 dager siden
  • "Nice toilet. Might use that later......If I shit my pants." LMFAO he kills me lol 🤣

    Mz KKMz KK6 dager siden
  • Him saying about the jump scare list me knwoing what they ate but waring to be scared so don't read them. 😭😂

    Kate KnightKate Knight7 dager siden
  • Me in my German glass : I don't neeeeed to speak Germanyyyyyyy cuz I've got English translationnnnnnnnnn

    Kate KnightKate Knight7 dager siden
  • I love the way daz sings when he gets scared 😂😂😂

    Cian BanvilleCian Banville7 dager siden
  • DAZ I CAN’T BREATHE😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭💀

    Binta Peggy ContehBinta Peggy Conteh7 dager siden
  • The phrases u come up with are hilarious “ god almighty mist !”

    tegan missingtegan missing7 dager siden
  • I love the content daz posts... he is so cool and nice and funny 😄 keep up the good work daz 🤩😛

    aiko donutsaiko donuts7 dager siden
  • When the blood came out of the tap I swear I thought Daz's screen froze 23:46

    JessieJessie7 dager siden
  • 5:27 Daz makes sick beatboxing sounds lol 😂

    Natalia PlakkNatalia Plakk7 dager siden

    Preston EgbertPreston Egbert7 dager siden
  • “That’s it I’m dead” 😂😂

    Grace ReedGrace Reed7 dager siden
  • how come I didn't get a notif for this 💀

    im so tired of societyim so tired of society7 dager siden
  • Part 2 please

    HackerLeoHackerLeo7 dager siden
  • 29:19 I do my lil dancey dance...

    •Saffron••Saffron•7 dager siden
  • japnese

    DwennDwenn7 dager siden
  • Please do a part 2😂

    hayleyslyricshayleyslyrics7 dager siden
  • 29:31 Daz: "Oh, okay... Just enjoy yourselves, why don't you." Me: they're havING A TEA PARTYYYYY!! ☕

    GlamourJinxGlamourJinx7 dager siden
  • When he gets scared he sounds like Schultz from hogans hero’s the show 😂

    Michael ChristouMichael Christou7 dager siden
  • This game gives me fatal frame vibes. Daz you should try to play that. It’s an oldie but so good!

    Lillian O'LearyLillian O'Leary8 dager siden
  • Lol japnese I just realized that it was spelled wrong XD

    Victoria BarendregtVictoria Barendregt8 dager siden
  • "the power of christ compels you" omfg yes 😂😂

    Victoria BarendregtVictoria Barendregt8 dager siden
  • Daz: bet that tv is gonna turn on and scare me Daz: YAAAAAAAAA daz: well played..

    TW TWTW TW8 dager siden
  • When he started mentioning the grudge, all I could think was, "I can't wait when the option to make voice comments is a thing so I can fucking do the grudge death rattle to daz. " 😂😂😂 I have MASTERED it.

    Princessia ZeldorkiaPrincessia Zeldorkia8 dager siden
  • The notes do help you lmfao you just didn’t read all of the red ones😭

    foxie .stuff_foxie .stuff_8 dager siden
  • Me watching this at 2:54 am and my parents tell me to stop laughing because I keep waking them up

    Leo HardwellLeo Hardwell8 dager siden
  • [2 red bottles of Japanese sakey ] 🤪

    Arhi CohenArhi Cohen8 dager siden