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  • “HA”

    PhantxmzzPhantxmzz4 minutter siden
  • When a dog stands still there is a ghost in front of the dog

    Suraya FarzamSuraya Farzam10 minutter siden
  • Cat has switched to spectator mode.

    Sir CipherSir Cipher25 minutter siden
  • Love your videos

    Brett ArmourBrett Armour50 minutter siden
  • Can u please do more crypt tv and psa reactions

    Mackenzie MorrisMackenzie Morris3 timer siden
  • 00:58 u get mildew that way if u don’t straighten your curtain liner out

    Chocolate WizardChocolate Wizard4 timer siden
  • Since my grandmother passed 4 years ago my aunt (her daughter) wakes up at 3:12am every morning the exact time she passed.

    Krys FieldKrys Field4 timer siden
  • You close it so it can dry and not get moldy quicker

    Krys FieldKrys Field5 timer siden
  • We need more of this

    Sharkbite DMSharkbite DM5 timer siden
  • Actually you kinda should leave your shower curtain closed, it allows it to dry properly and stops it getting mouldy

    LucyLucy7 timer siden
  • What in demons of all demons is that

    Kaiden ClearyKaiden Cleary7 timer siden
  • I think Daz yelling scared me more then the jump scares themselves

    SpoonySpoony10 timer siden
  • One time me and my brother were watching a movie in his room and there was a knock on our bedroom door. I looked under the little crack and saw legs but when we opened it nothing was there

    The PineappleThe Pineapple10 timer siden
  • bro daz the cat was going to the respawn point

    TaZer FlexTaZer Flex10 timer siden
  • I'm not scared because Daz makes me feel safe because he's so funny So I'm not gonna skip this video lol but his scream make me jump abit lol and the videos kinda maybe i lied-

    TheRealTansyTheRealTansy11 timer siden

    Quincy HarmonQuincy Harmon11 timer siden
  • “MERAKY KARABEE” oh wow. I’m done 😭

    Sasha Zizi :3Sasha Zizi :312 timer siden
  • Apparently dogs can see ghosts n stuff

    MK WraithMK Wraith13 timer siden

    Daisy VincentDaisy Vincent14 timer siden
  • No one gonna talk about daz’s reaction at 2:36? No? Just me? Ok

    MJC10MJC1015 timer siden
  • Me: closes my shower curtain Daz: if you close you shower curtain it gives ghosts a place to hide Me: *run to bathroom to open the shower curtain 😂*

    Maisy RoseMaisy Rose15 timer siden
  • Just subscribed

    Susan WhitfieldSusan Whitfield16 timer siden
  • I had a friend and her husband had cameras hidden in the attic. Near Halloween The range sell ouija boards for kids 😲

    Susan WhitfieldSusan Whitfield16 timer siden
  • Is it just me or when daz said that it you can see that there is a person pacing up and down , I couldn't see anything moving/pacing up and down.?!

    BrindaPlayzBrindaPlayz16 timer siden
  • You make the best vids

    Some Random PersonSome Random Person16 timer siden
  • Hhahahahahhah

    Eva TubeEva Tube17 timer siden
  • “YICKEY RUMMPY WOW”- Daz when he is scared

    MemeWith DOGSMemeWith DOGS18 timer siden
  • Listen to him on the part about not camping out in the middle of the woods at night. Some guy with a knife (probably drunk or high) came into one of my friends tents while we were camping at night, and we only had another knife to fight back with. The man and my friend only got minor injuries, but the man faced some time in jail. The last time we went camping, we had three guns, two pocket knives, two pairs of brass knuckles, two machetes, and a sword. we heard some strange stuff, so we were prepared. Turned out to just be a bunch of wild coyotes. Anyways, we also had outfits to scare away trespassers. We had a WWI German gassing outfit, I had a Carolean (Swedish military) outfit, and my other friend had a black hoodie, black shorts, a black mask, and a hatchet. So we were prepared for anything, and I mean anything. The sword is still with me to this very day and we still go hiking in the same woods at night, with the same outfits and equipment. Including the guns (cause we're over 21 years old.) I have a lot of stories I could tell about going into those woods, like the time we heard WWII war sirens go off as we were hiking and we ran away. Or the time we saw flashing lights coming from literally no where. Some good and terrifying memories, no doubt.

    Arthur MorganArthur Morgan21 time siden
  • Rip cat

    zero reason for this namezero reason for this nameDag siden
  • Who closes the shower??? You crazy no one those that.

    Santiago ZepedaSantiago ZepedaDag siden
  • It’s 23:25pm, I’m bout to have nightmares

    X BOiX BOiDag siden
  • Only thing that made me jump was Daz screaming

    TheCayden13 FillersTheCayden13 FillersDag siden
  • Setting up cams in your own house... ok TO SPY ON YOUR OWN DAUGHTER WHILE CHANGING!?!?!? Daz, I would have lived a great life without that picture in my head 🤢

    jkjkDag siden
  • Thank you my mom is always like why is the curtain always open dazzzzz gets me

    Lala tic toks & anime epsLala tic toks & anime epsDag siden
  • 2:35 oh look the ex girlfriend is still there looking for her Chanel (I’m sorry if this has been said already)

    XxArya_IlikefrogsxXXxArya_IlikefrogsxXDag siden

    Travis Reardon-DareTravis Reardon-DareDag siden
  • Imagine if she had gone over there it appeared and said hi my names korg I’m kind of the leader round here

    Ryan WassallRyan WassallDag siden
  • how did the boy not pay his power bill

    Joshua RomeroJoshua RomeroDag siden
  • 1:11, me. I´m in the other side of the curtain.

    João MarreirosJoão MarreirosDag siden
  • 9:42 anybody there? JOE MAMA

    Jannyws2Jannyws2Dag siden
  • Check out "Серега охотник" part2 on youtube

    Mara SalemMara SalemDag siden
  • *I’d sh@t myself if I ever experienced these*

    C1ndere11aC1ndere11aDag siden
  • U should react to supernatural the TV show

    AnnabelleAnnabelleDag siden
  • I wonder what's in the comments

    NotBowed 808NotBowed 808Dag siden
  • I bont like sere movies 🎥 I bon,t like sere toys 🧸

    Blue KnightBlue KnightDag siden
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Blue KnightBlue KnightDag siden
  • You should do more scary vids,funny stuff

    Brandon HerreraBrandon HerreraDag siden
  • 6:11 Video:shows kid going through sofa and being creepy. 7:15 Daz: you no other choice then other then burning them. KILLED ME LAUGHING😂🤣

    Yase BeastYase Beast2 dager siden
  • Ohhh Kroc nah but I still watched it cus it’s daz

    Nicholas GarciaNicholas Garcia2 dager siden
  • 12:58 mom: *hears them ingores* the girl:MOM! MOM:IM ON FACEBOOK

    sv studentsv student2 dager siden
  • That church one has a back story and its very sad and creepy

    Mr piggyMr piggy2 dager siden
  • xD the first one if i was there id be like, WHY THE HELL U BREAKING MY LIGHTS YOU STUPID BRAT. THOSE ARE EXPENSIVE!

    Werewolfhunter 117Werewolfhunter 1172 dager siden
  • *AHHHHEIKYRUMBY* -Daz 2021

    • Lêafý •• Lêafý •2 dager siden
  • 5:43 this shows that cats don’t have 9 lives kids

    Le FroggeLe Frogge2 dager siden
  • Bruh mans casually walking in the living room and then daz’s reaction 6:13

    FMJ_QuickScopeFMJ_QuickScope2 dager siden
  • i thought I woke up at night cause i had to piss now im scared I wake up like 3 times every night i-

    LexiehobiLexiehobi2 dager siden
  • Me who always closes the curtain cause my mom makes me: 👁👄👁👂

    hayden powellhayden powell2 dager siden

    Olivia AtkinsonOlivia Atkinson2 dager siden
  • On the first the only part that scared me is daz’s scream

    Marcus RichardsMarcus Richards2 dager siden
  • My dog always stares into the corner of my family room and barks.

    Casey BittnerCasey Bittner2 dager siden
  • That's nothing I use to camp on a haunted battle field

    Fire StoneFire Stone2 dager siden
  • Here me out....I’ve got a window in my shower that is blurred, but I still hate it because I can see shadows through it. I WILL CLOSE MY SHOWER CURTAIN!!!

    Titanium PhoenixTitanium Phoenix2 dager siden
  • 4:24 effective but blunt way of putting things

    Deadly SoundsDeadly Sounds2 dager siden
  • Her:hello is anyone there The monster:no I’m trying to sing let it go so shhh

    Baddie EriBaddie Eri2 dager siden
  • Where’s the comment with all the jumpscare time stamps? WHERE IS IT?!

    Captain MacMellonCaptain MacMellon2 dager siden
  • On the first one I fucking jumped into Jakku

    Theo.-.Theo.-.2 dager siden
  • For the first video FYI every-time I go into the bathroom at night I slam the door towards the wall just to make sure anyone that is there is now a pancake 👍

    Shehab AssidShehab Assid2 dager siden
  • 😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS🤪SUS🤣😜Among😎us😘in😅real🐵life🤩SUS

    built differentbuilt different2 dager siden
  • “Don’t watch it late at night” and here I am at 3 in the morning

    Keone ToddKeone Todd2 dager siden
  • I Always wake up at about 2 for 30 mins and i hear moving down stairs but there is no 1 there I have no animals or anything (pets) at all so idfk what to do??

    Bro Ur annoying meBro Ur annoying me2 dager siden
  • I always wake up at around 2 in the morning then stay up for about 30 mins and I always hear moving down stairs but there is nothing there??

    Bro Ur annoying meBro Ur annoying me2 dager siden
  • dont open the shower curtains rip them off the hinges

    RiskRuleRiskRule2 dager siden
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