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  • they still havent build on there pot

    Anne SimonsenAnne Simonsen17 timer siden
  • I don't know

    Alice NanceAlice NanceDag siden
  • That big wale thing is called a reefback

    Pika 4567Pika 45672 dager siden
  • When are more parts coming

    IambaconeerIambaconeer12 dager siden
  • Those mushrooms are their nests if there’s eggs in there do not take them I barely die but I succeeded in Lee got out and I have now five eggs of those creatures

    Noah BaileyNoah Bailey18 dager siden
  • Can you play subnautica multiplayer on playstation

    Tufan TaskopruTufan Taskopru19 dager siden
  • Titan is from Saturn not Jupiter!! !!!!!!!!!

    RBX TVRBX TVMåned siden
  • I wanna see his reaction to the lost river skeleton, which isnt even the biggest creature that existed or is existing

    XDSyKo ApolloXDXDSyKo ApolloXDMåned siden
  • Those circles are bubbles that give you oxygen

    Lexo ShifterLexo ShifterMåned siden
  • I love it 😂😂😂

    brozgonemodding _78brozgonemodding _78Måned siden
  • love the intro

    ibrahim arteibrahim arteMåned siden
  • Titan is from Saturn

  • I wouldn’t be in the moons to Holly and bully

    Ellie BishopEllie BishopMåned siden
  • Daz: there can’t be things that big in the game Subnatica players: *laugh* if only he knew

    Christopher WyattChristopher WyattMåned siden
  • I love how Dave fines all the important stuff and daz is just on for the fucking ride🤣🤣

    Jay Hill PlaysJay Hill PlaysMåned siden
  • Moon genticamaca

    kanix overdrivekanix overdriveMåned siden
  • I would name it Silvie and Silvio

    Gabrielle ButcherGabrielle ButcherMåned siden
  • Ive been wanting Daz to play Subnautica FOREVER!

    Candy RayCandy RayMåned siden
  • my mental health: *horrible* me wondering what to do, daz always makes me feel better, thank you daz

    KKMåned siden
  • Reefies!!!!!! Anyone else here from Jacksepticeye and his subnautica series

    YoBxnjiYoBxnjiMåned siden
  • Awesome

    Danica SiewertDanica SiewertMåned siden
  • The fact they keep calling it “poos” makes me mildly upset.

    Capps LockeCapps LockeMåned siden

    Great white IronicGreat white IronicMåned siden
  • So I’m guessing they haven’t met the Reaper yet?😂

    Celestial SilverCelestial SilverMåned siden
  • planet name: testiclitus

    TTG_JeggzTTG_JeggzMåned siden
  • YES

    Sam Cahill HarderSam Cahill HarderMåned siden
  • I need more of this I’ve been looking everyDay for a new video🥲😂

    Amanda JoeAmanda JoeMåned siden
  • Can we pls talk about how awesome this intro is and how and why it looks so good

    Someone hereSomeone hereMåned siden
  • is there going to be another episode....... pls daz

    Leo ClementsLeo ClementsMåned siden
  • When are you going to do more

    Huhdy HcjggHuhdy HcjggMåned siden

    Sushi SauceSushi SauceMåned siden
  • Hey daz big fan, just wanted to know the name of this game? Cheers keep dazzling lmao

    Theo HowesTheo HowesMåned siden
    • It’s called subnautica

      AnvionAnvionMåned siden
  • I can't wait till they see the bigger scarier creatures...haha.

    Dapper_RoseDapper_RoseMåned siden
  • So close to 6M!!!!!

    Georgina BeesonGeorgina BeesonMåned siden
  • congrats daz ur finally getting into subnautica hope youi finish the game thru vids :)

    Fishi_gamer100Fishi_gamer100Måned siden
  • More more more

    Amozs 5612Amozs 5612Måned siden
  • I’m loving this series a lot, can not wait for ep3

    RED RAZRED RAZMåned siden
  • And you can rescan everything to get more items. Your gonna need it

    cringe swonpotatocringe swonpotatoMåned siden
  • Pro tip scan everything you see. And say away from the back of the arorua

    cringe swonpotatocringe swonpotatoMåned siden
  • Moon is now called Steven

    Tom CottonTom CottonMåned siden
  • Name the red moon infinite tsukuyomi

    Shinku Uchiha-Senju-UzumakiShinku Uchiha-Senju-UzumakiMåned siden
  • Hi I big fan can reply

    Fe AyapFe AyapMåned siden
  • Is Dave like Mike Myers “yeah baby” hahahaha

    Mia DoveMia DoveMåned siden
  • I am so sorry daz for not watching your vids in months please just forgive everyone 😰😰😰😥😥😥😢

    Marcus ColeMarcus ColeMåned siden
  • Dave and daz combined with uranium

    Cassie BCassie BMåned siden
  • Daranium name the moon Daranium! Its perfect !

    Cassie BCassie BMåned siden
  • I love how the ocean moves in the game like irl

    Silver WolfSilver WolfMåned siden
  • Fun game!!!

    Tomithy ThirteenTomithy ThirteenMåned siden
  • This video made me start to search and watch ‘Sea Creatures you don’t know exist’

    MistyTwa Simping Adrien AKA ChatMistyTwa Simping Adrien AKA ChatMåned siden
  • I can’t wait for them to see a reaper in the sea dragon for the first time😂😂

    Wyatt IngleWyatt IngleMåned siden
  • noworld.info/video/video/ypjLlt-fvLiWt5I.html

    Christine GuilbeauChristine GuilbeauMåned siden

    maia_xfr 06maia_xfr 06Måned siden
  • Linda and davler

    lyssa gavlyssa gavMåned siden
  • I can not explain how happy daz makes me......

    Avery LispcombAvery LispcombMåned siden
  • The dramatic intro 💀

    bbgseren 15bbgseren 15Måned siden
  • Bit more daz

    Mr SpeedMr SpeedMåned siden
  • Is this game available on vr too?

    Levi Ackermans wife PheebsLevi Ackermans wife PheebsMåned siden
    • Yes

      112Oss112OssMåned siden
  • Love this series

    hetty mayhetty mayMåned siden
  • Daz look out by the ship

    Drollemans -xxl gamingDrollemans -xxl gamingMåned siden
  • THOSE SNALES ARE ENORMOUS Me rocking back and forward in the corner of my therapists office: no its just average size

    bing bonkbing bonkMåned siden
  • what happened to raft

    boomer squidboomer squidMåned siden
  • I'm only 2 weeks late ;-;

    Mèłłøw åńd Më ;-; ,_,Mèłłøw åńd Më ;-; ,_,Måned siden
  • Giant snakey things 🤣

    Ryan 1085Ryan 1085Måned siden
  • What is the name of thus game so I can find the other episodes?

    Lex AntiochosLex AntiochosMåned siden
  • I didn’t know until he was in the pod that he was playing Subnautica

    MasterOfFireMasterOfFireMåned siden
  • I have this game, it’s so fun!

    palm_. lifestylepalm_. lifestyleMåned siden
  • i love the names of the moons, testiballs and genticles😂

    Lindsey PLindsey PMåned siden
  • I’m so happy Daz is playing subnautica. It’s my favorite game and it’s so good. It’s been a while since anyone’s appreciated it :,)

    MochiMelonMochiMelon2 måneder siden
  • 5:36 daz sounds like a drunk girl 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Bex HardingBex Harding2 måneder siden

    Bex HardingBex Harding2 måneder siden
  • the fact that the thing he thought was a "poop" was a stone for floaters

    reese chamboreese chambo2 måneder siden
  • That (red moon) looks like venus

    Cee BeeCee Bee2 måneder siden
  • When is the next ep?

    Dakota ElingdDakota Elingd2 måneder siden
  • U should name the moon Daz Dave

    Jack CowanJack Cowan2 måneder siden
  • But that karaoke live on Instagram tho 😳

    U_Think_U_Fancy_Huh _U_Think_U_Fancy_Huh _2 måneder siden
  • This game made me scared of water for 3 weeks, no joke, but I love this content!

    {-Coffee-} {-Addict-}{-Coffee-} {-Addict-}2 måneder siden

    ApolloApollo2 måneder siden
  • Wait subnatica is multiplayer

    Daniel MartinDaniel Martin2 måneder siden
  • when you finish subnautica play subnautica below zero

    Koni katsunichiKoni katsunichi2 måneder siden
  • he didnt have a radiation suit lol

    Mary McNeilMary McNeil2 måneder siden
  • How do you play this game multiplayer?

    George SweeneyGeorge Sweeney2 måneder siden
  • Oh my god subnatica is one of my favourite games ever so happy your playing it

    Michael IsaacsMichael Isaacs2 måneder siden
  • The reefblack leviathans don’t hurt u

    Isaiah SievertIsaiah Sievert2 måneder siden
  • I well name the moon Jonny from Jonny Jonny yes papa meme

    ꧁•Softy Toast•꧂꧁•Softy Toast•꧂2 måneder siden
  • WAIT WTF???????? Subnautica is multiplayer NOW????? BSS HOW WHEN NO FUCKEN WAY????/

    CharlieZforceCharlieZforce2 måneder siden
  • Subnautica one of my favs game eventhough i just watch its full gameplay It'll be great for daz to finish the whole game if possible!

    Rizl_iniRizl_ini2 måneder siden

    Victoria BarfootVictoria Barfoot2 måneder siden
  • No one: Daz: F#@$%ing Pokemon Swam At Me!

    Etheral ClownEtheral Clown2 måneder siden
  • If it were me I might name the two planets Ignot and Steven.

    Brooklyn HaaseBrooklyn Haase2 måneder siden
  • *Me sees lifepod* I see subnautica

    Atomic SerpentAtomic Serpent2 måneder siden
  • I would name the moons daz and dave

    Cameron DaniellCameron Daniell2 måneder siden
  • can you react to calpernia not the drag queen but the one with finn wolfhard

  • I love how you decided to call both of y'all out when you're trying to name the moon, and you don't even get to say it all before Dave proves you right. Daz: ...probably gonna pick something sexual DAVE: GENTICLES!

    Sum1'z DaDSum1'z DaD2 måneder siden
  • Lydia

    Ryan GreenwayRyan Greenway2 måneder siden
  • Yeah you can build a massive base

    Ryan GreenwayRyan Greenway2 måneder siden
  • serious respect for the cinematics. tons better then lots of movies ive seen! also 4 the game developers and animators it looks amazing

    Olivia TuckerOlivia Tucker2 måneder siden
  • Name it jazz

    Kevin AufdembergKevin Aufdemberg2 måneder siden
  • You have to make a series of this I know it would've good

    Huggable HHuggable H2 måneder siden
  • Daz, please please do a play through of subnautica

    Kai SchuolerKai Schuoler2 måneder siden

    Margaux LeichtMargaux Leicht2 måneder siden