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  • i just noticed that is the house from the Michael Jackson scary game or the house looks simliar to it

    Aubriana Rockwell KamberlingAubriana Rockwell Kamberling21 minutt siden
  • not my name being Cassidy and saying thank you when he said "Cassidy sounds like a lovely name" like he can hear me lmao. love your vids tho!!!

    Cassidy BromleyCassidy Bromley2 timer siden
  • My boyfriend's name is Cassidy... should I be scared?

    Shelby DawnShelby Dawn4 timer siden
  • me peacefully eating my dinner home alone in the dark watching Daz games: Daz playing a horror game: also, me hearing a knock at my door and something falling over: haha well I'm f**ked (don't worry it turns out it was my mum and she kicked something and It fell down)

    MVKMVK15 timer siden
  • daz to be honest i love youre videos so so much and they are just so good and much i watch them all the time and i cant stop watching them bc they are so funny ;]

    wiktoria samulewiczwiktoria samulewicz16 timer siden
  • Odd question but who has watched the maze runner 😂

    Chloe SteelChloe Steel19 timer siden
  • So am I the only one who noticed that this map is the same one as the one from Escape The Ayuwoki?

    ISH SkyeISH Skye21 time siden
  • 10000090000000001112000

    Aayush PatelAayush Patel23 timer siden
  • i think u should reacts to more music videos it’s the most i’ve laughed in so long i love them

    Mia CulverMia CulverDag siden

    CryptidAllyCryptidAllyDag siden
  • Who's playing violin badly. It was just the door.

    Kyle YamaKyle YamaDag siden
  • The lil girls playing angry birds

    Ben WhiteBen White2 dager siden
    • On the phone

      Ben WhiteBen White2 dager siden
  • I've started being unable to tell if daz is about to sing or if his screaming at something I missed

    Trenton MarksTrenton Marks2 dager siden
  • 8:54 Daz: "excuse the f^ck me?" Me: *silent snort*

    ZehnderSpaceZehnderSpace2 dager siden
  • please Daz makes scary games funny

    briana schneckbriana schneck2 dager siden
  • 17:29 *Daz Became an offical Rapper in 2021 April 12th.*

    ShadowArmyShadowArmy2 dager siden
  • I would be like fuck this I'm out 🤣🤣.

    Dark WolfDark Wolf2 dager siden
  • Ever read those comments about watching Daz videos while lying down, holding your phone right above you, then laughing so hard that it slips and lands on your face? Those were legit claims.

    Eric From BroArmyEric From BroArmy2 dager siden
  • Daz you gotta play at dead of night please!!!!!

    Portia WillisPortia Willis2 dager siden
  • I can’t believe none of these video game characters ever bust down the door, or like a window

    Ashlynn RachalAshlynn Rachal3 dager siden
  • I had to sneeze twice and both times after I sneezed he said what’s that what’s that

    Madison ThompsonMadison Thompson3 dager siden

    Mr. MerKaholicMr. MerKaholic3 dager siden
  • 17:30 daz is a freestyle master

  • 8:54 “excuse the fuck me?” LMFAO

    Sofia MalfoySofia Malfoy4 dager siden
  • Daz playing a horror game is the only thing that can scare me and make me laugh at the same time

    Jana EmilijaJana Emilija4 dager siden
  • Is it just me or does this map look like the one from the first version of "escape the ayuwoki"

    MA5T3RP1X3LAT0RMA5T3RP1X3LAT0R4 dager siden
  • I love these types of games. I tried to play one on my phone with a clown and I was nervous

    Adriana PinedaAdriana Pineda4 dager siden
  • When I saw the title I was like oh god papa Lazarou from league of gentlemen

    PenglesPengles4 dager siden
  • "F*ck me side ways"

    Olivia LöfgrenOlivia Löfgren4 dager siden
  • Daz! Here me out please :D I gotta game request it’s called doki doki literature club and it’s very scary trust me! Yes this game has lots of dialogue but trust me it’s worth reading it it takes a fair bit to get to the scary bits but I just thought it would be amazing if u played it! :D

    Narelle SchlossNarelle Schloss4 dager siden
  • “I need a Diet Pepsi” 😂😂

    kyle kuekyle kue5 dager siden
  • “Shit on me your ugly!” God that sent me😂

    CharlesP7CharlesP75 dager siden
  • I always love watching your videos they make me laugh so much and make me really happy ty!

    Hannah VenalainenHannah Venalainen5 dager siden
  • Why isn't Daz in a singing competition he would win!!!!!

    Hannah KershawHannah Kershaw5 dager siden
  • Bruf the house looks like the a you Woking game

    Jovi RoosJovi Roos6 dager siden
  • "ooooooooh we bout to study sum shit" XD

    peter allenpeter allen6 dager siden
  • Is no one going to mention how this is the same map from escape from the ayowoki

    KermitKermit6 dager siden
  • I love how when he was getting chace by Cassidy he turned in to eminem lol

    foxy girlfoxy girl6 dager siden
  • if you need an editor daz, feels free to call me, i can do with 2k bucks per month

    Mon TMon T6 dager siden
  • All righty… Add Cassidy to the list of names parents aren't allowed to leave their children.

    flock jellyfishflock jellyfish7 dager siden
  • "wow then"

    Trouble MakerTrouble Maker7 dager siden
  • like it 👍👍👍👍

    Startup ProjectsStartup Projects7 dager siden
  • Wait is tht grannys house "?

    shadowwolf devil's cupidshadowwolf devil's cupid7 dager siden
  • YOU SAID MY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO HAPPY

    I Love BakugoI Love Bakugo7 dager siden
  • "8 Year Old Body Found Dead" Does that mean they've been dead for eight years and were just found, or is it an eight year old's body?

    GhastlyGrimnirGhastlyGrimnir8 dager siden
  • I would totally get a library like the one in the game it was hugeeee

    Charlotte StockmanCharlotte Stockman8 dager siden
  • You know what the nicest thing is my name is Cassidy and u definitely don't look or act like that but thankyou for calling my name nice that's so sweet 🥰🥰

    PsychotasticPsychotastic8 dager siden
  • I try to go through this video without laughing and then "excuse the fuck me"🤣

    Angelina MillsAngelina Mills8 dager siden
  • Around 4:48 the damage on the walls looks like llamas

    Murren KellyMurren Kelly8 dager siden
  • “When children write shit, it’s creepy. They shouldn’t be allowed to write”😂

    Ella ContoisElla Contois8 dager siden
  • WHY WHY WHY MY NAME IS KASSIDY also thanks for calling my name lovely i appreciate :))

    11k.kassidy11k.kassidy8 dager siden
  • is NOBODY gonna talk about the fact that theres a childs DRAWING in the place of the phone THAT WASNT THERE BEFORE

    IndifferenceIndifference9 dager siden
  • Daz: Buy a new hat!! "Women starts running towards him" Daz: dont buy a New hat!!!!

    Gourmet GuruGourmet Guru9 dager siden
  • when you stub your toe at night: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    Tiffany HorodeckyTiffany Horodecky9 dager siden
  • Spooky momma monster 😩🐟✋

    _BlondeFreak__BlondeFreak_9 dager siden
  • Is noone gonna acknowledge that he said "fuck me sideways"?

    Al•0Al•09 dager siden
  • I promise I’m not that scary 😂

    Cassidy GarrisonCassidy Garrison9 dager siden
  • the fact that my name is cassidy so don't f wit meeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

    Cassidy WoodsCassidy Woods9 dager siden
  • “AHhHhHhHhh” Me genuinely thinking the person screaming singing the next Beyoncé

    Navy ThatsMeNavy ThatsMe9 dager siden
  • little did we know daz was one of the rappers eminem is afraid to diss 17:30 lmao

    Glock 50 roundGlock 50 round9 dager siden
  • Ain't this a modified model from Escape the Ayuwoki??

    Maky RhecMaky Rhec9 dager siden
  • Love how daz and poiised both say they close the doors😂😭mood

    Alexandra ShermanAlexandra Sherman10 dager siden
  • I never understood, why do the games give you an objective to get out but there is allways a problem on the way

    alpha wolfalpha wolf10 dager siden
  • Has anyone ever talked about dazs thumbnails there hilarious 🤣🤣

    Random OtakuRandom Otaku10 dager siden
  • "What in the hang man is that?" 14:02

    SyrupGooseSyrupGoose10 dager siden
  • Can someone please make a horror game for Daz that takes place in a trailer park?!?

    Rachel Crisp-ShimaRachel Crisp-Shima10 dager siden
  • Where is the spray can. You used to use it was so funny 🤣

    celestia elicelestia eli10 dager siden
  • Legit almost dropped my phone on that jump scare🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ofentse MotlotsiOfentse Motlotsi10 dager siden
  • Apparently all fridges have watermelons in them 😂

    Blake YTBlake YT10 dager siden
  • BRUH this is the same map from the game escape the ayuwoki

    Wolves _zxWolves _zx10 dager siden
  • i love dazs enthusiasm

    Dominic RansonDominic Ranson10 dager siden
  • I just started watching your game plays today and I can’t 😂😂😂 it’s not suppose to be this funny! (For the record I watch your other ones but by far you become one of my favorite you tubers)

    Genoah KlineGenoah Kline10 dager siden
  • when ur name is kassidy💀

    kass :]kass :]11 dager siden
    • it surprises me every time he screams it💀💀💀

      kass :]kass :]11 dager siden

    DUBS BTWDUBS BTW11 dager siden
  • The detail in this game was incredible!!

    Tristan ETristan E11 dager siden
  • The scream at 2:29 sounded like 'into the unknown' lmaoooo😁

    Rebecca ScottRebecca Scott11 dager siden
  • 7:50 wtf😭😭😭

    Alicia FAlicia F11 dager siden
  • My mum thought I had throwed up when I screamed when Cassidy showed up! ahaha

    Daisy AustinDaisy Austin11 dager siden
  • Daz: “oh she shut the door twice” Me: oh she MeAnS bUiSnESs!!

    It’s Meee!It’s Meee!12 dager siden
  • Daz should be a singer!😄

    •Its_ Cady••Its_ Cady•12 dager siden
  • No one: Daz when he gets scared of shadow: “f*ck me sideways”

    Reilly ChaseReilly Chase12 dager siden
  • When he said excuse the fuck me 😂

    Jack NashJack Nash12 dager siden
  • Isnt this the mansion from escape the ayuwoki?

    Hayleigh RandleHayleigh Randle12 dager siden
  • On 2:52 on that place the hallway is the same as Michael Jackson horror game!! I would recognize that everywhere! 😗✌🏻

    tanaja benetektanaja benetek12 dager siden
  • Why does Eddievr and dazgames make me laugh I cannot stop every vid the post😂😂😂😂

    Galaxy ShadowGalaxy Shadow12 dager siden
    • They

      Galaxy ShadowGalaxy Shadow12 dager siden
  • as soon as daz says all horror games have the same lay out, he goes up to the artifact with the eagle picture which looks suspiciously like the one from resident evil 7 XD

    Ada MuszynskaAda Muszynska12 dager siden
  • I never thought anyone could say "Im fucking dead" so fast XD

    Acez PulseAcez Pulse12 dager siden
  • Daz: Excuse the fuck me? Me: my new quote

    KiriKiri12 dager siden
  • Isn't this the same manor as the "Michael Jackson" horror game??

    Kiara JadeKiara Jade12 dager siden
  • Lmao at the end when Daz says, "Cassidy listen to me listen listen listen." A commercial came on right after that said, "My loooove is foooor yoooou," haha perfect timing per usual. Always get a commercial during the good parts 👏🏻😅

    Tiahna LorinTiahna Lorin12 dager siden
  • 9:48 They wanted to watch coco mellon on your phone

    Hell KidHell Kid12 dager siden
  • Eminem been real quiet since he heard Daz at 17:28

    PrisonMike29PrisonMike2913 dager siden
  • Is it just me or does this mansion have the exact same layout as escape the ayuoki

    Tye LeaderTye Leader13 dager siden
  • Ghost:AaaaAaaahhh Daz:Aaaaaaahhh SHUT UP.

    Grim ReaperGrim Reaper13 dager siden
  • is it just me or are the graphics and like the way certain things look just a little too similar to the “escape the ayuwoki” game ..

    puppy kai !!puppy kai !!13 dager siden
  • Daz I dare you to visit an abandoned building alone at night 😈 (don’t forget to get a web cam)

    Tik Tok vidsTik Tok vids13 dager siden
  • Near the start of the video when the camera made a sound, no joke, almost dropped my ice cream on me😂😂

    ii evxglowsii evxglows13 dager siden
  • Daz: WHOS PLAYING THE VIOLIN BADDLY??? Me: lalalalalalalalalala it's the granny 😂

    Dollie CooperDollie Cooper13 dager siden
  • You guys are here hiding to?

    Mr funny funnierMr funny funnier13 dager siden
  • Doesn’t this house look like the house from the Michael Jackson horror game, Ayuwoki...

    default sherab7default sherab713 dager siden