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  • I had so much fun playing this with you bro! 😊❤️

    Huw SamuelHuw SamuelMåned siden
    • @Brianna Erickson idk if you figured out what it's called, but it's called devour.

      Kim PedersenKim Pedersen26 dager siden
    • Nice hairdo

      Heaven's Warrior With God's Holyness Warrior Of GodHeaven's Warrior With God's Holyness Warrior Of GodMåned siden
    • What is this game called?? Btw daz love you and what you do

      Brianna EricksonBrianna EricksonMåned siden
    • @Kade Raul lol😂

      Isabelle BrownIsabelle BrownMåned siden
    • @Rose Lofgreen idk lol😂😂

      Isabelle BrownIsabelle BrownMåned siden
  • Me a vegan: 😶 Love the video bye the way! 🤣

    Brianna SomethingBrianna SomethingDag siden
  • I'm only about 6 minutes in and I'm noticing that Huw keeps sounding like Cartman when he says certain things and I'm loving it.

    C B ヅC B ヅDag siden
  • safe

    Brooksyyy YyyyBrooksyyy Yyyy2 dager siden
  • no ones gonna ask why the demons are eating pizza with forks? 5:22

    Moustache IdiotsMoustache Idiots5 dager siden
  • This suppose to be a horror game but I laugh a lot. 🤣 Two monk and Natalie Portman

    Stanley StudioStanley Studio5 dager siden
  • Poor goats 😥😭😭😭

    Hannah KershawHannah Kershaw6 dager siden
  • So nobody is gon talk about how many times they said “AhH deMon”

    ・Misunderstood ・・Misunderstood ・10 dager siden
  • please play this game again

    Tatiana LealTatiana Leal11 dager siden
  • When Daz read Azazel did anyone else just automatically think of supernatural? No? Just me ok😂

    KNKC Dark angelKNKC Dark angel12 dager siden
  • This must be what Azazel was doing while John Winchester was looking for him.

    Shanna GreenShanna Green12 dager siden
  • I'm vegan as well. Dunno why u think everyone who's vegan hates you, Daz

    wthbabewthbabe12 dager siden
  • We need a counter for how many times Daz said ‘ahhhhh, demon’

    Bethany Jane MartinBethany Jane Martin12 dager siden
  • why didnt you guys just put all ten goats in the firepit without burning them individually

    Explore-with-LaurExplore-with-Laur13 dager siden
  • I first thought after picking up the hay, was to feed a goat too.

    Turtle TroubleTurtle Trouble13 dager siden
  • i love how daz is laughing his off with hew right before they’re about to sacrifice some goats.

    SizzsoulSizzsoul13 dager siden
  • Words Of The Day: AAAH DEMON

    Wish WasTakenWish WasTaken15 dager siden
  • What is the name of the game?.....

    The BypolarPandaThe BypolarPanda16 dager siden
  • them every five minutes: “AHHH DEMON”

    Korey RubioKorey Rubio16 dager siden
  • I love it when you and Huw play games!

    Chris HassenChris Hassen16 dager siden
  • *gordon ramsay could actually never*

    Alice Fox-RussellAlice Fox-Russell17 dager siden
  • Azazel: (Ah-Zay-zel) A yellow eyed sadistic demon from the TV show Supernatural (2005-2021).

    Cheyenne RoweCheyenne Rowe17 dager siden
  • "you're in a basement with Fritzel, he knows his way around a basement" man that got me so bad lmao

    TheAkwariumTheAkwarium18 dager siden
  • daz=why are there goats in the attic= me=ITS A HORROR GAME OF GOAT SIMULATER=\

    emo_gameremo_gamer18 dager siden
  • "was this designed by the vegan teacher?" me: BAHAHBHABHA *dies of laughter*

    Billy MolloyBilly Molloy18 dager siden
  • I know your looking for this comment so here The vegan teacher 🍃is typing...

    Isabel MonahanIsabel Monahan19 dager siden
  • i love how a decent amount of the videos was just a montage of them going "AAHHHHH DEMON" and killing demons

    EtoEto19 dager siden
  • The remount of times they said “AH, A DEMON!”

    Best ClownBest Clown19 dager siden
  • Lmao someone count how my times they Yelled demon

    Jaxson StonedJaxson Stoned19 dager siden
  • Does anyone know the name if the game I wanna play it with some friends one day

    Trollface87Trollface8720 dager siden
  • Red eyed goats yup demonic I love this game thanks Daz

    Raven VargasRaven Vargas21 dag siden
  • Part 2!!!!!!

    Jennifer l FarstadJennifer l Farstad21 dag siden
  • Can someone please tell me what this game is called, it looks hilarious!

    Chantelle JenkinsChantelle Jenkins24 dager siden
  • omg this is from another game he played recently the bedroom is the same as the child bedroom in that game

    jasperjasper24 dager siden
  • "I'm not holding that torch. I'm HOLDING that torch" I'm not asking for the difference, I'm ASKING for the difference

    GodFight 37GodFight 3725 dager siden
  • The little upwards head movement from the other guy, when u guys were on the stairs of the basement 😂 I died 😂

    Aurora BarrettAurora Barrett25 dager siden
  • im not holding that tourch .. im HOLDINGhat tourch

    TopHat BOISTopHat BOIS26 dager siden
  • Awesome

    Moussa HassanMoussa Hassan26 dager siden
  • Please play this again 😂

    JJ RoseJJ Rose27 dager siden

    Steven ReevesSteven Reeves28 dager siden
  • Oh damn she got you where she taking u !!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Katelin BryantKatelin Bryant28 dager siden
  • Daz: A creepy path- oH whAts thAT Also Daz: Sprints towards it

    Stupidity is an abused privilege.Stupidity is an abused privilege.28 dager siden
  • "And I'm in here with a weird priest with bare feet" "You're in a basement with Fritzl he knows his way around a basement" I don't know which part I found funnier honestly 💀-

    Brenleigh ._.Brenleigh ._.29 dager siden
  • PART 2 !!!!!!!!

    HanamiHanami29 dager siden
  • I prefer Dave honestly, I’m so used to hearing his voice while Daz is playing, I feel like Dave is funnier to hear through the gameplay.

    S JS J29 dager siden
  • Hahahaha this was awesome! 😂

    Sarah PatersonSarah Paterson29 dager siden
  • whats the game called?

    Mohammad AljdjaanMohammad AljdjaanMåned siden
  • Why am I always in horro games 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Molly ClintonMolly ClintonMåned siden
  • 14:13 I'm a vegan subscriber 😂

    Harleigh the enigmaHarleigh the enigmaMåned siden
  • What’s the name of this game?

    80svxntage80svxntageMåned siden
  • (Jeffrey wife) 🤣🤣I’m a vegan I find this funny because they aren’t real it does hurt my soul when I hear their BLEHHH sounds but a real goat sacrifice is a whole different conversation. Love the game it’s too funny and my 5 year old loved hearing out of my AirPod how you guys would yell and scream, he thought it was like one big catch but with goats.

    Jeffrey QuinonesJeffrey QuinonesMåned siden
  • PLEASE PART TWOOOOOO❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    HanamiHanamiMåned siden
  • I saw something😬😬😬😬

    Kirstie O'CallaghanKirstie O'CallaghanMåned siden
  • Fun fact: the painting at 8:50 is called “Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May” by William Waterhouse 1908

    kiiro tenshikiiro tenshiMåned siden
  • im vegan lol

    Harmony CountsHarmony CountsMåned siden
  • What’s the game called

    Deafaultgang 61Deafaultgang 61Måned siden
    • @TheEpicGamer thanks

      Deafaultgang 61Deafaultgang 6122 dager siden
    • devour

      TheEpicGamerTheEpicGamerMåned siden
  • Bloody legend😫😫😫😂👑😂

    Ela Da queenEla Da queenMåned siden
  • Pleaseeeeeee make another video playing this gameee

    Cloud HailstormCloud HailstormMåned siden
  • 22:04 I think that’s the highest I’ve ever heard daz scream🤣🤣

    Hisashi KinoshitaHisashi KinoshitaMåned siden
  • What game is this?

    its._.siliconeits._.siliconeMåned siden
  • The way Daz pronounced Azazel bothers me as a Supernatural fan😂

    Lexi MollLexi MollMåned siden
  • 8:57 when Daz looked back towards the picture, I looked at it for a second and Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) popped into my head, then Daz walked toward the room, opens the door, and says "...Ah, ok, red room...". Anyone else see/think this or was it just me?

    Vērmîllîøñ WølfVērmîllîøñ WølfMåned siden
  • Which game is this

  • Do a part 2

    vzxon flîckšvzxon flîckšMåned siden
  • nobody: literally nobody: daz & samuel: AHHH DEMON

    mas gamesmas gamesMåned siden
  • mooooooore!!

    Suffering TendenciesSuffering TendenciesMåned siden
  • can someone please tell me what game this is?!

    -_velvetkisses_--_velvetkisses_-Måned siden
    • @TheEpicGamer thank you!

      -_velvetkisses_--_velvetkisses_-Måned siden
    • devour

      TheEpicGamerTheEpicGamerMåned siden
  • I never watch horror games but for Daz ill allow it

    RhanaBananaRhanaBananaMåned siden
  • Anyone else think that when Huw reads a note he sounds like Harry Hill ..... no.... just me ..... ok

    Rach HosieRach HosieMåned siden
  • There was just that long time in the second round where all the clips were them casually speaking and then they would just go AAAHHHH DEMON for like 8 clips lol

    Macy RidenerMacy RidenerMåned siden
  • the note at the start was written on my birthday ;-;

    IIskytheoneIIskytheoneMåned siden
  • What is the name of this game?

    Terry FullerTerry FullerMåned siden
  • Natalie's actually my name 😂 I feel kinda special

    KleeKleeMåned siden
  • Yall need to play together more often 😂😂😂 this was hilarious

    Brooklynn RoseBrooklynn RoseMåned siden
  • Daz singing: I WAS RUNNING THROUGH THE ATTIC WITH MY GOATS *me kinda wanting that for a ringtone* 😂😂😂

    Rebecca Mahon Dark Deva Of DestructionRebecca Mahon Dark Deva Of DestructionMåned siden

    Rebecca Mahon Dark Deva Of DestructionRebecca Mahon Dark Deva Of DestructionMåned siden
  • Daz should do a collab with CoryxKenshin in a horror game 🥺

    Jianna OrengoJianna OrengoMåned siden
  • Daz: "can you see a red thing?" *red thing is at least as tall as the barefoot priest* Huw: "iS iT a gOAt?"

  • daz games i will lol if green peece came after you

    AdventureguyAdventureguyMåned siden
  • I hope you and ur mate play it again !!!

    Louise 001Louise 001Måned siden
  • This is the BEST EPSODE EVER!! I have absolutely HIT THE DECK laughing all the way through it ! Proper made my day ! DAZ you are a legend !!! Brilliant game

    Louise 001Louise 001Måned siden
  • Lol I’m called molly and now I’m sad

    Molly ChesterfieldMolly ChesterfieldMåned siden
  • Did anyone notice that at 16:34 daz’s character said, “Die bitch”

    Olivia StroleOlivia StroleMåned siden
  • “Really wish I don’t have any vegan subscribers” 🤣

    Avery CrockerAvery CrockerMåned siden
  • So what is your favorite part of the vide- AHH DEMON!

    Wings Of FreedomWings Of FreedomMåned siden
  • GAME NAME?!?!

    I am TrapZI am TrapZMåned siden
  • omg.. if thats the Vegan teacher then... MEAT DRESS!!

    Froggy Gaming Adopt meFroggy Gaming Adopt meMåned siden
  • ''if that's her max speed we should be fine'' yea mate if only

    IzzaIzzaMåned siden
  • Huw opening the door Huw:Sup Daz so deylayed when he screams like bahaha Daz: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

    Carlito Fetokai-HadfieldCarlito Fetokai-HadfieldMåned siden
  • can you pleas make a call of duty video

    Amanda van DeventerAmanda van DeventerMåned siden
  • anyone know what game this is?

    Laura TLaura TMåned siden
  • "Why am I not surprised that there's a monk in a kid's room?" 🤭🤭🤭

    Ben RonaldBen RonaldMåned siden
  • Commit close

    Mr potatoMr potatoMåned siden
  • He posted this on my Birthday!

    Annya O'RourkeAnnya O'RourkeMåned siden
  • hello daz i love your vidios i cant tell you how much i love them. but i loved when you say time for a tea party

    Oscar Skjeldrum HagenOscar Skjeldrum HagenMåned siden
  • Hey Daz if you like horror you should play escape the ayuwoki such fun game would love to see you play it :) :)

    workout_trooper_ studioworkout_trooper_ studioMåned siden
  • Why do I always watch these at night 😫😫

    Jacob WallaceJacob WallaceMåned siden
  • Daz and Huw have that “it’s not gay to kiss the homies goodnight” vibe

    Frog SkullFrog SkullMåned siden
  • how small are those fucking goats that you can just hold em by the beck!? xD

    Lian DicksLian DicksMåned siden
  • Who else thought that Daz was playing with Dave until he said Huw

    Space PugSpace PugMåned siden