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  • I love that it was cool to just watch that mey Steve RIP LOVE YOU

    Alice NanceAlice NanceDag siden
  • That is amazing i love that

    Alice NanceAlice NanceDag siden
  • Build a raptor army or some kind of army to build army to take them down to work I don’t know for sure because I’m tried it

    Lena CLena C2 dager siden
  • Daz I don't know how you do it but you give me the courage to walk around in the dark in my house when I'm scared

    Dino RahmanDino Rahman2 dager siden
  • Wait a second, this is scortched earth so isnt it abberation then genesis???

    fat twatfat twat2 dager siden
  • You guys do know that you can bring steven back with his info implate thing and amber trust me it work I brange back my pack of allo’s

    AlphaAlpha4 dager siden
  • When is it where is it. I want to see more. I LOVE THIS. also might I just say. I was right there with u mate with the Steven statue. May he Rest In Peace forever watching over that tower in the desert. We will miss u all Steven u dam glorious angel of a bird u.

    Aaron HooverAaron Hoover5 dager siden
  • I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

    Sierra AltringerSierra Altringer8 dager siden
  • Get you a friend like Dave 🥺🥺

    Nicole MontpartNicole Montpart9 dager siden
  • See you in march its april

    Happy PhoenixHappy Phoenix11 dager siden
  • why is people getting emotional I really don’t understand. I feel stupid

    SpicymochiSpicymochi11 dager siden
    • Daz was very close to Steven the bird and when he died he was hella sad so when Dave made the statue he got emotional

      Bunny PawsBunny Paws9 dager siden
  • Who’s here in March wondering when he will do next season

    FPS GAM3P1AY 0407FPS GAM3P1AY 040715 dager siden
  • I loved this thank you all I ask is please number the next episode love you daz have a great day

    jaydog_killer 09jaydog_killer 0915 dager siden

    MaddyMaddy18 dager siden
  • so I'm guessing that daz won't be evolved with season 3 in any shape or form but he will come back for season 4 that's what I'm getting out of all of what dave said (am i right or wrong please tell me because I'm very confused)

    Joshua BennettJoshua Bennett18 dager siden
  • Why is no one talking about the end! I got chills, EVERYWHERE. This is the most underrated series and best one I have ever watched in my life Jesus Christ this is absolutely incredible. I will be rewatching season 1, 1.5, 2, 3, and 4 for the rest of my life istg. There are no other words to describe this other than just purely incredible.

    Grace MotlGrace Motl19 dager siden
  • i spent about 5 mins crying it was so sad i cant belive dave was that sweet to do that

    Suni LimaSuni Lima20 dager siden
  • Ark

    remmy gamerremmy gamer23 dager siden
  • Do more

    remmy gamerremmy gamer23 dager siden

    Mobile AlexMobile Alex24 dager siden
  • Steven merch

    Joshua MorenoJoshua Moreno24 dager siden

    jeremy schoppjeremy schopp27 dager siden
  • Kinda sad because it was delayed till may 26th Also sad because they skipped alot of the ark story because they only played the first two maps which barley show that the arks are a test But if you look at the explorer's notes from Helena walker and everyone else that is when you see the true ark story and the plot starts on scorched but becomes a threat in aberration, in scorched rockwell makes his way into the bossfight with other tribes and gets his hands on element which he names "edmonium" after himself (sir edmun rockwell) and he realizes how much it changes people and tries to make himself a titan and gets corrupted into the rockwell we see in aberration and when there is no boss for the ark to use to test the players... Rockwell gets left behind and becomes the boss that gets spawned in to be killed over and over which makes him mad obviously.... Meanwhile after you defeat him you go to extinction where you summon the titans of the desert, forest, and ice, and get rid of the corruption that has spread to them, tamimg them to help you in the fight against the king kaiju and then all of the arks are save to come back home and "purge" the element from the soil But the element got there from Dr Santiago which is the creator of the meks and the one who weaponized element, and 10% of all element used gets put into the atmosphere which infected the plannet eventually to the point where the arks were made as a "seed for life" as Helena says after becoming a homodeus(I don't know how to spell it) and then when the arks come down, because aberration was broken, it ended up crashing down and releasing rockwell.... I might be a little wrong on this but thats what I remember from all of the explorer's notes

    djsnbx nsbshuiwdjsnbx nsbshuiw27 dager siden
  • Am i the only one that would like if they did an extinction season?

    katanabanana47katanabanana4729 dager siden
  • Daz you need to play ark 3 I was watching Dave and it looks amazing

    Mr Joel TinkMr Joel TinkMåned siden
  • Ik its a video game but... I MISS STEVEN!!!😭😭

    TurdyMC NuggetspantsTurdyMC NuggetspantsMåned siden
  • when the steven died i felt the saddness and i cried the statue made me cry more i feel u daz :(

    Valdis FadinsValdis FadinsMåned siden
  • daz is the best youtuber ever

    charlie fullalovecharlie fullaloveMåned siden
  • R.I.P Steven you will always be remembered

    Yell JoyYell JoyMåned siden
  • Steven looks so majestic on the top of the tower, and I'm a crying mess because of it

    IdiotChan 11IdiotChan 11Måned siden
  • Daz:How did you do that!? Dave:I did yes

    CreateCreateMåned siden
  • 8:10 this one is def my fav i love the colors and all idk its just gorgeous

    Jelena JanssensJelena JanssensMåned siden
  • the shouldve done aberation then extinction then genesis

    Lemon StarzLemon StarzMåned siden
  • This is the best shit I’ve ever seen

    Sadboy SinnerSadboy SinnerMåned siden
  • You weren't the only one that got emotional Daz, Stay Dazzling!!❤

    o Fataalo FataalMåned siden
  • Dave is literally the best friend ever. Everyone needs a Dave

    Mickey MouseMickey MouseMåned siden
  • Anyone else watching this in March and can’t wait to see alien and tech creatures

    Toby HunneybellToby HunneybellMåned siden
  • That was absolutely freaking EPIC!!!!!!!!! well done guys well done 👍 RIP Steven 😿

    EJking BurchetteEJking BurchetteMåned siden
  • Im not crying you are🥺🥺😭😭

    TimodiusTimodiusMåned siden
  • Make a season 3 please

    LujzaK KLujzaK KMåned siden
  • You are skipping Abberation (chapter 1 season 3) and extinction (chapter 1 season 4) then you go on to chapter 2 genesis.

    ZeRoRaMeN4UZeRoRaMeN4UMåned siden
  • daz getting emotional over Steven me: yous are so op😂

    Lennon gibsonLennon gibsonMåned siden
  • Dave: I’ve got u armour Daz: I’m about to die

  • That Just AMAZING!

    Jessica GrimmJessica GrimmMåned siden
  • I cried when I saw Steven 🥲😔😭 he was The OG Argentavis Dave is a good friend😭😭

    food is ʅιϝҽfood is ʅιϝҽMåned siden
  • Aww Steven.. I teared up no joke when I saw him on top of that tower.. whens the next season daz ..

    MsYuffie91MsYuffie91Måned siden

    silent_ksilent_kMåned siden
  • this is where real men cried 12:38

    Dainius LipinskasDainius LipinskasMåned siden
  • Please play more ark daz it’s like watching a movie each episode

    Dan_cx LazaricDan_cx LazaricMåned siden
  • Sorry about steven😭😭

    Romain BandooRomain BandooMåned siden
  • When are you going to do this part?

    Shayla BulletShayla BulletMåned siden
  • WTF I'm crying whyyyyyy it's soooo emotional I love this

    MrEddieMrEddieMåned siden
  • I saw steven and there were tears streaming down my face, for real, there is something wrong with me...

    Hannah HoganHannah HoganMåned siden
  • Omg Daz was so emotional ,these series are so emotional for me ,my fav thing to watch with Dave and their crazy presents,Dave is such an amazing partner

    Mariam AkermanMariam AkermanMåned siden
  • Okay so when I first saw this when it came out I forgot to mention that I was crying so hard which was funny because it also came out on my birthday

    Artic-Sky MidoryiaArtic-Sky MidoryiaMåned siden
  • ...true friendship is these 2 men, ive been watching them forever and their friendship is beautiful

    Your friendly neighberhood enbyYour friendly neighberhood enbyMåned siden
  • The person below me spoiled the episode

    Gabe CervantesGabe CervantesMåned siden
  • Daz=king

  • The ending is so sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😵😵😵😵😵😵

    Fairylynn WasiuFairylynn WasiuMåned siden
  • Daz says he ready when the game start IM NOT READY

    thawingwhale 226thawingwhale 226Måned siden
  • I love your ark seers and you and Dave have helped me on my ARKworld

    Cover CookieCover Cookie2 måneder siden
  • That was amazing

    Animated GamerAnimated Gamer2 måneder siden
  • this goes to show how much dave cares about daz 🥺

    courtney robertsoncourtney robertson2 måneder siden
  • Let's just hope daz does a season 3 with Dave

    Adrian HayesAdrian Hayes2 måneder siden
  • Season 3?

    Cian MccluskeyCian Mccluskey2 måneder siden
  • As soon as I saw Steven I had like chills go up my neck and I just started bawling that just made the series for this Ark season. It was so amazing to see. I am so freaking PUMPED for the next season

    Olivia HOlivia H2 måneder siden

    Cody MaxeyCody Maxey2 måneder siden
  • Can you do it on valgeuro

    Robert TobinRobert Tobin2 måneder siden
  • Remember the times when they had to find each other, and bugs were a problem

    A Random childA Random child2 måneder siden
  • my heart hurt seeing Steven at the end lol

    La_Reina602La_Reina6022 måneder siden
  • Steve as a statue made me emotional great job Dave, We will always remember you Dave.

    Trevor WeinbergTrevor Weinberg2 måneder siden
  • I want daz to do a play through on Skyrim so bad

    Ninjaturtle 412Ninjaturtle 4122 måneder siden
  • cant wait for the final season

    kye martinezkye martinez2 måneder siden
  • When my co-workers asked me why I’m tearing up 😭

    Cyle FordCyle Ford2 måneder siden
  • I really want to join

    Smokyloin32 PandaSmokyloin32 Panda2 måneder siden
  • Where tf is life is strange 2???

    Maddox HuntMaddox Hunt2 måneder siden
  • Steven was the best beast

    Mahrus JarirMahrus Jarir2 måneder siden
  • Fuuuuuck...Like I dont know what to think. I dont get emotional often and in fact it's rare but shit. The statue of Steven was brilliant. So touching and all. Well done.

    Ashley AvilaAshley Avila2 måneder siden
  • Omg I need the final season come out 😩😂 night just rewatch the others again haha!

    Clare FergusonClare Ferguson2 måneder siden
  • I cried when I saw Steven 🥺

    tsukishima's goth girltsukishima's goth girl2 måneder siden
  • Yeah eemm.. i almost started crying when i saw the statue of Steven... that was beautiful but sad at the same time Im feeling so emotional

    Gabriel anderGabriel ander2 måneder siden
  • Genesis 2 is a good one supposedly

    Donna HurdmanDonna Hurdman2 måneder siden
  • This is why ark is a great game! Besides all the issues with it and the small-ish amount of people that play it! We love ark

    Toad Was hereToad Was here2 måneder siden
  • Who else thinks that there should be a Dave & Daz Terraria series

    Omer KaymakOmer Kaymak2 måneder siden
  • What the fuck- im so confused what- when where how-

    A RatA Rat2 måneder siden
  • Please invite syntac to join

    kaleb griffinkaleb griffin2 måneder siden
  • Just wait till season 4 alpha king titan army

    kaleb griffinkaleb griffin2 måneder siden
  • Nice thumbnail dude 😂😂

    Qtaro KujoQtaro Kujo2 måneder siden
  • i just went downstairs to get a tea and my parents were like have you been crying and i forgot that i had eyeliner on while watching this video 😭

    BrookeBrooke2 måneder siden
  • Omfg I’m crying!!!

    Ell CoxyEll Coxy2 måneder siden
  • Epic! Just epic!

    Ell CoxyEll Coxy2 måneder siden
  • Can we just appreciate Dave for the amazing effort he put in to make a ascension just for daz he is a true friend and a amazing person

    Video Games onlyVideo Games only2 måneder siden
  • Now we have to wait till 2022 for season 3

    Genevieve RenaudGenevieve Renaud2 måneder siden
  • Emotional is very accurate my god i never knew ark could be like this and ive watch people series on it for years and this one tops them all cant wait till Season 3 is out

    z Brxndoz Brxndo2 måneder siden
  • The end gave me goosebumps wth

    Skye O'LearySkye O'Leary2 måneder siden
  • its kinda sad cuz i cant get the merch since i dont have no money for it

    nock off sir kid wut ever geenock off sir kid wut ever gee2 måneder siden
  • this was indeed emotional 😔

    nock off sir kid wut ever geenock off sir kid wut ever gee2 måneder siden
  • Can someone please make a compilation of daz screaming “DAVVVVVEEEE”

    Blue WolfBlue Wolf2 måneder siden
  • Best series of 2020-2021 👏

    John RamézJohn Raméz2 måneder siden
  • I love daz so much but just saying dave cheated I hade to say it 😢

    Dayton GonzalezDayton Gonzalez2 måneder siden
    • Still love the vids tho

      Dayton GonzalezDayton Gonzalez2 måneder siden