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    Alyssa GrimesAlyssa Grimes5 timer siden
  • Daz's daughter must never be able to breath from laughing so hard shes just sitting there watching tv and all of a sudden "what am i going to summon A BROKEN NECK I DIDNT SHIT THE BED CRAWL ONTOP OF ME DADDY"

    G1ITCHG1ITCH9 timer siden
  • "I DIDN'T $HIT THE BED" why did that come to mind first?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

    *CT 4050 Chewie*CT 4050 Chewie19 timer siden
  • He’s just like I’m done Daz: I can’t sleep

    Jacelyn CJacelyn CDag siden
  • nah im just going to turn arund 2min later" I KNOW YOU GOOD IN THAT DRESS ,LOVE" 8:33

    QuantumJordan23 GamingQuantumJordan23 GamingDag siden
  • "Is that latin for im friendly" 8:28

    QuantumJordan23 GamingQuantumJordan23 GamingDag siden

    QuantumJordan23 GamingQuantumJordan23 GamingDag siden
  • bro like how you just fucking spawed in blimy

    QuantumJordan23 GamingQuantumJordan23 GamingDag siden
  • See if I can m- A CRAWLING NAKED MAN AAAAAAHH What am I gonna summon? A BROKEN NECK I’m dying 🤣

    HydraHydraDag siden
  • "A CRAWLING NAKED MAN!" i died laughing

    Nicholas ErndlNicholas ErndlDag siden
  • I recommended this to my friend on roblox, Lets see how that shit goes..

    •flowerix•flowerixDag siden
  • I saw the reflection of my eyes on my phone and I absolutley freaked out lol

    V-vetta VettaV-vetta VettaDag siden
  • His shirt is so cool! It's him and Dave!

    Kloee LawrenceKloee Lawrence2 dager siden
  • "Its a mannequin, why Not?" Boyfriend has awoken

    Whee zeWhee ze2 dager siden
  • That wasn't funny sees train look at that that's cool

    Zebrado TZebrado T2 dager siden
  • when i tell you MY SOUL LEFT MY BODY-

    anvstasvaanvstasva2 dager siden
  • Why is no one talking about “I can see you don’t skip leg day” that had me fucking dying 🤣

    Fletcher savvaFletcher savva2 dager siden
  • This wasnt terrifing, (Atleast for me) But hey it was Chaotic and fun!

    ShadowArmyShadowArmy2 dager siden
  • 14:03 the sequel to ‘big black man’

    Joinedthememes . exeJoinedthememes . exe2 dager siden
  • Dramatic Monster Intros: Horrfying, dramatic

    Bolt BrennanBolt Brennan2 dager siden
  • Don't worry Daz! 2:50 was just Steven Hawking remastered 🤣

    DeadDevil 7416DeadDevil 74162 dager siden
  • The mannequins in this game look the exact same as the mannequins in that other game he played

    Michael BroadbentMichael Broadbent2 dager siden
  • Daz - okay if you remember the demo “I DIDN’T SHIT THE BED”

    Lawson SalisburyLawson Salisbury3 dager siden
  • 4:25 daz at 3 in the morning

    beebee gamingbeebee gaming3 dager siden
  • 4:27 when I see a picture of Zac Efton

    LonerGurl- EmLonerGurl- Em3 dager siden
  • 15:08 “AAAAH PENNYWISE!” Pennywise: -_-

    ClxùdiiClxùdii3 dager siden
  • Another one : Ahh whata nice @ss

    Damian JoubertDamian Joubert3 dager siden
  • Daz I know u look good in that dress love

    Damian JoubertDamian Joubert3 dager siden
  • I didn’t sh!t the bed 🤣🤣🤣

    Lacey WilliamsLacey Williams3 dager siden
  • 😂 i love daz screaming at the manouqin and it turns into a woman then he spawns next to 2 more and he just screams 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Dennis BealeDennis Beale3 dager siden
  • Monsters AMONG US (very sus ngl)

    Luc43 _Luc43 _3 dager siden
  • 3:46 I FEEL GOOOD

    XxBigDumpyxXXxBigDumpyxX3 dager siden
  • Psst hey Im hiding in the comments,Here take some cheetos and some cappichino~

    xdrxnkvibezxxdrxnkvibezx3 dager siden
  • "What I'm looking at is a... CRAWLING NAKED MAN!"

    Captain KrakenCaptain Kraken4 dager siden
  • Why is no one talking about 12:29

    nunyanunya4 dager siden
  • What am I gonna summon, A BROKEN NECK

    Vodkola GamingVodkola Gaming4 dager siden
  • Bro I watched this at night. It makes it scarier for me

    Jamie HeathJamie Heath4 dager siden
  • What is the name of this game

    Abdullah DogloverAbdullah Doglover4 dager siden
  • 𝙎𝙝𝙚𝙚𝙨𝙝

    M3M34 dager siden
  • daz'z nervous laughter had me cackling. im sorry daz but its just hilarious.

    Milly CrouzetMilly Crouzet4 dager siden
  • Where it said among us on the tran

    Jacinta JohalJacinta Johal4 dager siden
  • The “whispering” asmr sounds like one of my Arab relatives when they’re praying

    Lillianaa2008Lillianaa20085 dager siden
  • Headphones with full screen... I am God

  • Daz: Why are there bones?.... Clown appears Daz: AHHH Pennywise!!!!! Me: Jumps as well then continues to have a laughing fit for the next 10mins that I had to pause the video 😂😂 Thanks Daz!

    Amiee xoAmiee xo5 dager siden
  • 17:34 👹bangs on roof in game👹 Daz casually looks up at the ceiling in real life

    Arie .clxudzArie .clxudz5 dager siden

    Cami JanssenCami Janssen5 dager siden
  • "well- CRAWL ON TOP OF ME, DADDY" Daz I thought you were staight- lmao

    Ruth HealeyRuth Healey5 dager siden
  • "What I'm looking at is- A CRAWLING N@KED MAN!!" lmfao

    Ruth HealeyRuth Healey5 dager siden
  • A crucifix... in a child’s bedroom 😳😂😂😂

    InfernoJInfernoJ5 dager siden
  • What did I summon? A BROKEN NECK

    InfernoJInfernoJ5 dager siden
  • omggg wait those manikinssss i rememberrr shielaaaaaa

    Law JLaw J5 dager siden
  • *something happends* daz: *AAH CRAWL ON TOP OFF ME DADDYYY* *christ*

    My potato is In my toilet somehowMy potato is In my toilet somehow5 dager siden
  • No one: Literally no one: Daz: excuse me ladies, do any of you have bolt cutters? 😂😂

    Lucy DouglasLucy Douglas5 dager siden
  • Every time I think the volume is low enough, Daz decides to raise the bar.

    alucard971alucard9715 dager siden
  • I think i have a idea how to piece together the story a clown molested u and he was insane so he went to a asylum but because u where molested u have flashbacks and also went insane and the 2 patients that escaped the asylum where u and the clown every doll and people u see is real people

    joe wolf 506joe wolf 5065 dager siden
  • That clown pops up: Me: might i suggest colgate ever heard of it?

    joe wolf 506joe wolf 5065 dager siden
  • That was so so 🤣🤣🤣

    Ashley GolbyAshley Golby5 dager siden
  • 4;29 funny thing ever

    Sandra ŠišovaSandra Šišova5 dager siden
  • At 10 mins i had to pause i had to dry my eyes, i couldn’t see for laughing. I would love to do something scary with you like ghost hunting or anything scary. Brilliant have someone thats just as scared as me. I just played..face your fears..your bedroom is haunted”...on oculus and i was sitting on my own, literally on my own in living room playing this game. In game ur on this huge bed ,clowns..jack in the boxes basically everything that terrifies me. You turn theres nothing there,turn back and 7ft clown on the bed staring down at you.. i dont scream for second i carry on til its gone lol hands sweat, my heart beats that fast feels like im gonna have heart attack but do i stop..oh no lol my boy says....”why put yourself thru that mum?, i dont get it cause ain’t normal is it”...but i dont know why”.. my neighbours must think im being murdered.. daz, why do we do it?

    Maz xMaz x5 dager siden
  • Daz first words: AHHHHHH daz last words: I think I sh!t myself three times

    Jenna HibbardJenna Hibbard6 dager siden
  • I can’t get enough of this!! Horror has turned into a comedy with daz

    Jenna HibbardJenna Hibbard6 dager siden

    Saffron briddickSaffron briddick6 dager siden
  • I'm pissing myself rn LMAO 😂😂

    Saffron briddickSaffron briddick6 dager siden

    Saffron briddickSaffron briddick6 dager siden
  • 30% shitting myself, 70% laughing my ass off

    Martina CirilloMartina Cirillo6 dager siden
  • Child laughs: Daz: HAHAHAHA FUCKIN ALRIGHT

    Jason CrouchJason Crouch6 dager siden

    hanim bocuguhanim bocugu6 dager siden
  • 9:54 had me crying

    Starinq robynStarinq robyn6 dager siden

    Starinq robynStarinq robyn6 dager siden
  • Baby: Starts Laughing Daz: Starts immediately laugh crying

    ChristopherChristopher6 dager siden
  • Crawl on me daddy had me cry laughing I lafft so hard 🤣🤣🤣 and I almost pist myself when the clown jump scared happened i hate clowns

    foxy girlfoxy girl6 dager siden
  • No one: Daz: *screaming* Add: “There once was a colt who was raised by goats.”

    Aidanxfives SimpAidanxfives Simp6 dager siden
  • That game gave me stranger things, alien isolation, and araya vibes.

    Adriana PinedaAdriana Pineda6 dager siden
  • I saw the baby carriage thing (3:40) and thought of odd squad. I forgot that show even existed. Please tell me I’m not the only one who remembers that carriage and baby genius 😭

    AnneMarie GallantAnneMarie Gallant7 dager siden
  • I’m back and catching up. I was so busy!!! You always make me laugh. I love it😂😂😂

    Adriana PinedaAdriana Pineda7 dager siden
  • "Its not even thank god, oh thank god im on the creepy subway." PLZZ IM DEADDD

    alishba lodhialishba lodhi7 dager siden
  • “Ok well what we’re looking at is- A cRaWlInG nAkEd MaN!!!!!”

    Jason StewartJason Stewart7 dager siden
  • game: starts singing *ring around the roses* me: im done, nope. mm mm, nuh uh im know what’s gonna happen

    ieefelixieefelix7 dager siden
  • 4:28 has my lungs busted

    Layla BlakeLayla Blake7 dager siden
  • 5:13 there is a another game referenced. It’s a sticker of the two boys standing back to back on the wall that is also used in “What remains of Edith Finch.”There’re two of main characters. It’s a very mind bending game, not really scary but it does make you think. Just thought it was a cool Easter egg 🤷🏽‍♂️

    EJ 5EJ 57 dager siden
  • This game scared the hell out of me , I’ve always disliked clowns they r so creepy I think I’m developing a phobia of them 😂. Daz always makes these games enjoyable even if you jump 4 foot of your bed how can anyone dislike him 😁

    Pigeon BoyPigeon Boy7 dager siden
  • 26:00 A voice : ‘don’t look behind u run’ Daz: ‘SAY NO MORE’

    Hm He.Hm He.7 dager siden

    Hm He.Hm He.7 dager siden
  • Best line ever “I didn’t shit the bed!!!”

    Isaiah SmithIsaiah Smith7 dager siden

    Anie_ sweetAnie_ sweet7 dager siden

    Itz_merr1shhxsslxrItz_merr1shhxsslxr7 dager siden
  • Is this a Dutch game? Cuz u saw the Dutch newspapers

    Yanick HaspelsYanick Haspels8 dager siden

    Sara DulevitzSara Dulevitz8 dager siden
  • Are we just gonna act like the clown doesn't sound like Messyourself?

    InfilendInfilend8 dager siden
  • Bruh aw star bucks lol

    fade michaelfade michael8 dager siden
  • I would die if I saw that clown

    Victoria PattonVictoria Patton8 dager siden
  • It’s so hard to be scared when he’s making jokes about it I’m laughing so much I wind up thinking the monsters r cute lmao

    Aaron HooverAaron Hoover8 dager siden
  • "ohh my hands are sweatin'.... kneEves weak, arms... moms on spaghetti"

    xXAnnaHereXxxXAnnaHereXx8 dager siden
  • I laughed so hard my face and chest hurt!!!🤣🤣🤣👻 Best jumpscare ever.🤡

    Ian McSwainIan McSwain8 dager siden
  • Daz : *screaming his lungs out* ad : choose better. choose ginger.

    lollipopvibeslollipopvibes8 dager siden
  • Lol I want a man to react like that to me in a dress lol

    Osha HoneyOsha Honey9 dager siden
  • did anyone notice the reference in the basement to the Edith finch game? I love that

    MOO YTMOO YT9 dager siden
  • It’s doom

    Civicanemone 895Civicanemone 8959 dager siden
  • Daz: "A bell...? What am I gonna summon?" Daz 2 seconds later: *"A BROKEN NECK!-"* 😂💀✋🏻

    ツChloeツツChloeツ9 dager siden
  • I was so scared till: Daz: CRAWL ON TOP OF ME... DADDY!!!!!

    Amanda HancockAmanda Hancock9 dager siden