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  • What game is this?

    Niya BeonsayNiya Beonsay8 timer siden
  • Daz did you see the secret ending? If you catch all the glitch children you can see a secret ending at the end of the game with Six 😁 Xx

    Hanya GornyHanya Gorny11 timer siden
  • I’m not crying! 😭😭😭

    MistyTwa Simping Adrien AKA ChatMistyTwa Simping Adrien AKA Chat15 timer siden

    Frida AarnsethFrida AarnsethDag siden
  • I played this like a month ago It was amazing

    P 0 GP 0 G2 dager siden
  • Daz big black dude Enderman little nightmares 😳😳

    Strikerpr0 *Strikerpr0 *2 dager siden
  • This is very late but is Thin man kinda controlling all the monster and that's why 1. the hunter kidnapped Six, 2. the bullies hung her upside down maybe trying to kill her, 3. the building falling onto Six almost killing her, 4. Thin man making her into a monster! However Mono kept saving her. Thin Man is trying to save himself through all the monsters/stuff that could kill her to save himself. You know what I mean?? I don't know if this makes sense. Probably wrong but its just an idea.

    Pyper DesjardinsPyper Desjardins2 dager siden
  • Omw

    Suhaifa ShaikSuhaifa Shaik2 dager siden
  • Best game, maddest ending ❤️🦦.

    31 Cxldest31 Cxldest3 dager siden
  • Daz makes me laugh so hard! 😭😂

    KalinaxBissKalinaxBiss5 dager siden
  • Damn I was thinking maybe the tall guy was his dad but NOPE it was future mono

    Egsselent_EllisEgsselent_Ellis5 dager siden
  • also did u know that daddy long legs is actually mono as a adult he is trying to not be that as a adult so he defeats him because mono is a time bender

    Lydia BaileyLydia Bailey5 dager siden
  • may i just say on some of the TVs theres a song called he cut veronica the origanal song came out in 1950 look it up its kinda creepy

    Lydia BaileyLydia Bailey5 dager siden
  • This should 100% become a movie

    MiickeyMiickey6 dager siden
  • What you like more number one or two

    Jerry John SalisburyJerry John Salisbury6 dager siden
  • "I can't believe Six betrayed me!" Six (both games): Ate a gnome when it offered food, Ate a probably 7-8 foot tall lady, Warmed her hands from a burning corpse, Never helped, left Mono behind when everything was falling, broke a hands fingers for fun, and more.

    Saturn The Gremlin ChildSaturn The Gremlin Child7 dager siden
  • Now all we need is a VR Game

    FusionCarnoGamingFusionCarnoGaming7 dager siden
  • The fact there might not be a 3rd one is so sadddddddd

    Ohits BreOhits Bre8 dager siden
  • I literally cried when Six betrayed Mono like that! Like Mono helped her sm and then in the end she did that!!

    Ohits BreOhits Bre8 dager siden
  • For anyone that was confused in the beginning like me.. (it’s obvious Ik buttt) six is the green/yellow character that popped out of the TV and mono is the main character we play with, that had the bag on their head. Just so u can understand the comments with the backstories haha

    Chilled BeatsChilled Beats8 dager siden
  • Daz you haven't finished sally face and there are 5 eps now! It would be great if you finished the game.

    LemxnLemxn8 dager siden
  • But when u think about it the future he shouldnt have messed with the past it would have ended in the last second chapter, it would have gone smoothly

    Glen AbrahamGlen Abraham9 dager siden
  • there is an alternate ending

    Scout SaberScout Saber9 dager siden
  • Waw, the ultimate betrayal 😳

    Joan Ferguson’s GirlJoan Ferguson’s Girl9 dager siden
  • Daz : "Six ur not urself!" Me : here have a snickers 😂

    KNKC Dark angelKNKC Dark angel10 dager siden
  • Moral of the story never betray your friends because you'll never escape the guilt

    Mike SprankleMike Sprankle10 dager siden
  • This game Was so good , damn. Literally gave me goosebumps

    LURLUR10 dager siden
  • some people think that six betrayed Mono as she was getting hunger pains and she didn't want to risk eating him

    vaxnillaavaxnillaa10 dager siden
  • The ending made me cry

    Jake Sroga-WoodJake Sroga-Wood10 dager siden
  • Stumps dragon is an idiot

    Jake Sroga-WoodJake Sroga-Wood10 dager siden
  • I am so lost. Can anyone explain 😕

    Tresina OliverTresina Oliver10 dager siden

    Tresina OliverTresina Oliver11 dager siden
  • I started crying omg 👏🏻

    JulieOliviaJulieOlivia11 dager siden
  • Little nightmares 2 Is the most heartbreaking game I’ve ever played

    Loli BunnyLoli Bunny11 dager siden

    Breanna DavisBreanna Davis12 dager siden
  • daz: “i don’t like all these teddy bears” me: “the ball is moving.. THAT BALL IS MOVING!!”

    Breanna DavisBreanna Davis12 dager siden
  • I was SHOOK when six dropped mono

    Luci GreenzLuci Greenz12 dager siden
  • Are we going to ignore the fact the chair was growing up with Mono?

    selu elisalaselu elisala13 dager siden
  • Wow ok so Six is a total B I T C H

    jimins little pinkyjimins little pinky14 dager siden
  • There was also A secret ending. I don't remember how you get it, but in the secret ending, you basically see six end up back at the start of the first game.

    Amnesia PilotAmnesia Pilot14 dager siden
  • i think the tall man was the only one that could go through tvs so does six and mono but the rest dont go through tvs so i think thats a clue that monos the tall man maybe.😕

    Kim SweetingKim Sweeting15 dager siden
  • Alr here's the main theory in speculation: Mono and Six are both trapped in a loop, where Mono eventually becomes the thin man while Six becomes the geisha seen in the Maw in the first Little Nightmares. This would explain many other things but mainly helps to explain why the thin man and the geisha were trying to attack Mono and Six the entire time.... To stop the loop The thin man kidnapped Six in hopes to stop the conversion of the younger version of himself(Mono) from ever becoming the thin man he was right then. When he realized that Mono was trying to get back Six, he began to try to catch him so that he never completes his destiny. When the thin man is finally confronted with Mono, he tries to take him down, however, he finds that his will to stop the forthcoming destiny was weaker than Mono's will to find and save Six, and therefore he lost the fight died in the process. On the other hand, Six (as seen in the first Little Nightmares) transformed into the geisha through the storyline of the first little nightmares and the insatiable hunger that she had throughout the entire game was DUE to the glitchy figure she got in little nightmares 2. Once she became the geisha figure years later, she too realized that this was all an elaborate loop and therefore tries to stop the forthcoming destiny from reoccurring. You can see efforts of this as she cages up many children in order to capture the younger version of herself(AKA Six) from ever destroying her and therefore stopping the loop. She also destroys any mirrors in the entire place as they are the only weapon strong enough to defeat her. Essentially both the geisha and the thin man were portrayed as villains but are speculated to be actually the older versions of the two protagonists. Both the thin man and the geisha, later on, become aware of this loop and try to stop it from ever happening again. The speculated reason why Six dropped Mono: Throughout the series we witnessed a healthy relationship grow as Six and Mono began to trust each other more and more. This trust reaches a height at when Six pulls out Mono from the television as she truly cares for him, however, this takes a sharp and drastic turn only moments later Six is found and caught by the thin man as the thin man tries to prevent destiny. When she gets caught, she reaches for Mono for help, however, when Mono doesn't;t end up helping her, she feels bitter. When she turns into the giant and dismantled figure, she is still the same Six, just hurt and still willing to be friends with Mono, however, Mono knows that the only way to truly save Six and is to destroy her most prized possession, the music player. At the beginning of the series we saw Six in a room alone with many tally marks signifying days, weeks, or maybe even months of solitary confinement. The music player was the only thing that kept Six happy and sane during these hard times so we can easily see just how important it is to her. Back to the story, Six, still trying to retain her friendship, offers the music player to Mono in hope that they can remain friends(27:53) , however, when Mono attempts to destroy it, she is enraged and even attempts to kill him. When Mono finally does destroy the music player Six is back, but furious and vengeful. When she has the opportunity, she betrays Mono been though he had done the right thing, but maybe she didn't want the right thing, she just wanted to be content with the music box, even if it meant a terrible consequence. She only catches Mono to make him realize that Six had willingly betrayed him. She waits for when Mono looks up at her and finally releases her grip. In the extra credit clip(if you wanna see just search up the alternate ending), we see her faced with her glitched version and a picture of the maw on the floor. She eventually travels to the maw to face her older version who had already experienced all this and had even modeled the maw after her broken music player at 33:25, continuing the cycle on and on.

    Tanay ShrivastavaTanay Shrivastava15 dager siden
  • The game is talking about society and mental struggle and illness and trust issues

    HEEMOHEEMO15 dager siden
  • 25:18 You solved that a lot quicker than me too, took me WAY too long to realize. I felt so dumb when I finally did lol 35:11 Oh wow, in my playthrough, I thought I saw Mono nod his head to let Six know it's okay to let him go but I see now he did no such thing AND SIX IS A WITCH!!!! >.< Why Six why!?!?!

    Whats-My-FandomWhats-My-Fandom16 dager siden
  • Spoil Alert After she dropped her, I thought that it was apart of a plan

    billy bob Joebilly bob Joe16 dager siden
  • I feel betrayed

    billy bob Joebilly bob Joe16 dager siden
  • Hey daz, you should react to Larry stylinson. I would like to see your opinion :)

    kaylee wrightkaylee wright16 dager siden
  • She dropped him because he ruined her music box

    Sophia GriffithsSophia Griffiths17 dager siden
  • Lets add up how long all the videos are and they add up to roughly 137 minutes

    Sylvie the slothSylvie the sloth17 dager siden
  • Just a heads up Six dropped Mono because six had a hunger problem and eats others (like the nome with the sausage) so she did save him but also didn't Mono then became The Thin Man the guy that took Six.

    Mike WildingMike Wilding18 dager siden
  • Thats probably why six kept pulling mono out of the tv so that he didnt find out snd she could leave

    hayley bradfordhayley bradford18 dager siden
  • Do it

    Jackson GuthrieJackson Guthrie18 dager siden
  • Play, Very little Nightmare, on mobile

    Jackson GuthrieJackson Guthrie18 dager siden
  • the ending though...

    maddy birdmaddy bird19 dager siden
  • this is by far my favorite series. was not expecting such a sinister ending lmao loved it

    Just KikiJust Kiki19 dager siden
  • the songs through the tvs is the same tune in the first game where you have to distract the guy with the long arms with the tv, anyone else notice that?

    s a d h c u r s MSPs a d h c u r s MSP20 dager siden
  • The monsters in the game are trying to save their younger selves from becoming monsters.

    Silver priestessSilver priestess20 dager siden
  • DAZ MATE! I went thru this with you, thanks mate! What a bloody journey that was!!! I am in same state!!!! ITS ROOM FOR MORE DAZ!!!!!

    angang21 dag siden
  • MAKE LITTLE NIGHTMARES INTO A FILM!!!!!! That would be incredible to watch if they had the right director, be a bit hell raiser, labyrinth the cell and silent Hill type!!! Oh yeah! The ending of this tho opens it up to a new game! Maybe play six!! She's a bitch by letting him go and leaving him there to change into Slenderman 2.0!!! Maybe if you are left or stuck you change into them! I am devastated its ended!!!!!

    angang21 dag siden
  • Wait a minute I just thought of something. We know Mono is the Tall man, and Six dropped him. If you’ve played the first Little Nightmares you know who the lady is. In the first Little nightmares The lady smashes all the mirrors. What if Six IS the lady, and she smashes all the mirrors because she’s guilty. She’s guilty she dropped Mono when she was younger, and doesn’t even want to see her own reflection. The lady also hummed the same tune as the music box that Six had that was destroyed. It’d make sense.🤯 I’m not saying this is true but it could be. I personally believe that they’re stuck in a loop but could be this too.

    TheofficialholywaterTheofficialholywater21 dag siden
  • Ok so I understand that Mono (AKA Baggy if you watch Coryxkenshin) is the Tall man but what I don’t get is how he became the tall man. We see Mono and Six escaping together and Mono obviously doesn’t become the tall man until he gets older, so why was the tall man showed before Mono got older? There are quite a few theories 1. Six looked into Mono’s face before dropping him, realizing that he was the tall man sending them into a loop. 2. This has already happened. Since Six and Mono are stuck in a loop, Future Mono (Tall man) goes into the past to stop past Mono from trusting Six. If past Mono didn’t trust Six, then he would’ve never gotten dropped, making him turn into the Tall man, and sending all 3 of them into a loop. (Which makes most sense because it would explain how the Tall man was showed before Mono got older) 3. Six didn’t care about Mono in the first place, and thought dropping him was benefiting herself. (Which is the most heartbreaking especially if you played/watched the first Little Nightmares) 4. Mono isn’t actually the Tall man. (This one is a long stretch and probably the one that makes the least sense.) There’s more than one Tall man. The Tall is a completely different person who tries to stop Mono from trusting Six, knowing that if he does he’ll become just like him. Basically theory number two, just that Mono isn’t the original Tall man. 5. Sasha feels betrayed because Mono broke her music box which made her feel safe, which leads her to betraying him by dropping him. This still sends them both into a loop anyways but for a different reason. 6. Sasha (AKA Six) knew of Mono’s powers and thought of him as a threat and tried to get rid of him, therefore creating a bigger problem for herself. She got both herself and Mono stuck in a loop, and future Mono (Tall man) comes after the two, to try and rescue Mono and get rid of Six. Six didn’t know she’d be throwing herself into a loop where Mono would come after her in the end. 7. Six tried to mercy kill Mono knowing she’d hurt him in the end. We all know Six has killed before because of her hunger, so she’d most likely do it again. 8. Mono and Six really are stuck in a loop and the Tall man comes for Six trying to get her stuck in the tv, but Mono comes and saves her. (When the Tall man finally captured Six and she was stuck in the tv) The Tall man was trying to stop himself and Mono from getting hurt. Well those are all the theories I have. No one will really know what happened unless the creators make a part 3 or tell us themselves. If you made it this far, congrats; here’s a cookie🍪

    TheofficialholywaterTheofficialholywater22 dager siden
  • My question we need to know why she dropped us right?

    ChelsaChelsa22 dager siden
  • Can we get some pogchamps

    James SauceyJames Saucey22 dager siden
  • That plot twist hurt my brain .

    Apollo 1v1Apollo 1v122 dager siden
  • i am i comfusen

    kleoDeekleoDee22 dager siden
  • I think six see mono face and realise who he is, what powers he got and knows he the one who going to kill her. The thin man is himself from the future who gone back in time to try and warn himself.

    gem fingem fin23 dager siden
  • Did you finish the complete DLC for the first game?

    Erik CorreaErik Correa23 dager siden
  • Omg that was mono wriead

    Zac HillsZac Hills23 dager siden
  • Ever since the 1st week of the pandemic last year, I feel as if we as a society are the adults that're brainwashed by the TV's lights 'cause being in quarantine can make us addicted to doing things that keep us busy, or satisfy our basic needs/even wants...

    s.M. cs.M. c24 dager siden
  • Im never getting over this- i actually cried ngl

    -.Untitled Name.--.Untitled Name.-24 dager siden
  • When he said the ending was unexpected. I did not freaking think that! What. She betrayed him! How could she. Nooo what, this is literally the best

    Diego is my nameDiego is my name24 dager siden
  • Dude, I swear like the humans and tv thingy is.. modern world like bruuhh

    Diego is my nameDiego is my name24 dager siden
  • Just searched it up and it’s not likely we will be getting literal nightmare 3

    Jeremiah DemottJeremiah Demott24 dager siden
  • There's a secret ending where after she gets out of the TV it shows her hunger come back and her glitch is in front of her. There is also a piece of paper on the floor with the maw on it. In the first game every time she would eat the glitch would appear in the shadows. You should also play the DLC's for the first game.

    Keira PaganoKeira Pagano25 dager siden
  • holy fuck when i say i cried at the end I CRIEDDDD, after everything you went through, after everything you did to keep eachother together she betrayed you... thats really messed THEY NEED TO MAKE LITTLE NIGHTMARES III how am i ment to mentally cope with knowing she betrayed you

    G0blin 99G0blin 9925 dager siden

    This Norwegian ChickThis Norwegian Chick25 dager siden
  • mono from before and was getting revenge on six

    Jayne MistryJayne Mistry25 dager siden
  • 34:59 did anyone else ball their eyes out..or it just me..

    Taylor BriandTaylor Briand25 dager siden
  • When Daz said, “You aren’t yourself six!!!!” My mind: “You aren’t yourself when you are hungry. Eat a snickers.”😂

    Emmie LuEmmie Lu26 dager siden
  • Hi it’s me lemon demo gaming I’m daz games fan and I subscribed him cause he’s funny and clever smart yea

  • Aparently Six might have let him drop is because of her hunger, she didn't want to eat him, so that might be why. But the ending throws me off so probably not the actual reason.

    Eggs BenedictEggs Benedict26 dager siden
  • Daz: uh Six has grown Me: Nah that ain't Six that's SIX SIX SIX!

    Lola ____Lola ____26 dager siden
  • "how is my bag not becoming moist"

    Duck InnitDuck Innit28 dager siden
  • "that's right bitch" "fry ur ass" 😭😂

    Grace LancashireGrace Lancashire28 dager siden

    Eva FraserEva Fraser28 dager siden
  • Daz face playing games is serious and stressed

    Mirabel GrassbaughMirabel Grassbaugh28 dager siden
  • I want daz to play alice madness

    insane backyard wrestling ibwinsane backyard wrestling ibw28 dager siden
  • I believe there's an alternative ending ik you can do the part where the dude comes out of the TV without six so she doesn't get caught so if you replay and not safe her before you do the tv dude where he took her then safe her when he leaves it might have a different ending it might be where she doesn't drop you I'm not sure I haven't tried playing

    Ñæñî ẞïmpÑæñî ẞïmp28 dager siden
    • But of you try it that way it may be different

      Ñæñî ẞïmpÑæñî ẞïmp28 dager siden
  • i hope daz knows that there is a second ending. a happy ending where they both leave together. i also find it super cool that this takes place before the first game. when six is at the maw, so cool!

    Try Me BitTry Me Bit29 dager siden
  • Six was dark from the beginning its shown in the first little nightmares game and the others, for me it isnt suprising that she betrayed mono, were talking about a little kid who ate living people/creatures and who warms her hands at a burning corpse ofc.

    DUDE ITS COOLDUDE ITS COOL29 dager siden
  • Six knows Thant mono is the tall thin man because when six looks mono in the eye six can tell by the eyes so that is why six let mono die

    matilda Lopesmatilda Lopes29 dager siden
  • Ok so the first little nightmares everyone was saying when 6 git hungry there was an evil 6 apere I didn't spell that right back to my theory what if that's evil 6 and the real 6 is being held captive

    Alayna GolmonAlayna Golmon29 dager siden
  • Between the fat people overeating in the first game and the tv watchers in this one it's like a twisted version of the future in WallE.

    Sarah ReadSarah Read29 dager siden
  • When that kid let go of that kid Daz:😧 Me:😂 Idk why I laughed at that

    Baddie EriBaddie EriMåned siden
    • That kid?? The disrespect😧 jk

      Lola ____Lola ____25 dager siden
  • The reasoning behind why Six dropped Mono is because while she was captured, she saw a resemblance between mono and the thin tall man. Six dropped Mono because she wanted to put an end to him before things got worse and escalated. But considering the fact that Mono turned into the thin tall man after he was dropped, I think that Six actually caused all of this to happen by dropping him. I feel like because Six did that, Mono's whole reason for trying to take Six and making this all happen was purely because of the betrayal he felt and revenge he wanted to take on Six. I think that maybe Mono found an old tv down there and learned how to concentrate his powers to teleport and go back in time which would explain how there are two of them in the game.

    SaggyTaTasSaggyTaTasMåned siden
  • well this is BULLSHIT

    allison winchesterallison winchesterMåned siden
  • I wish daz played very little nightmares

    *Fen**Fen*Måned siden
  • the moral of this story is betrayed people turn into slender man.... ok. didnt see that coming

    Siyana BonevaSiyana BonevaMåned siden
  • yh so the thin man is past mono and he's apparently been tryong to warn future mono of what will happen that's why he was following him

    Keelianna WardKeelianna WardMåned siden
  • daz six dropped mono bc rmb six had this hunger issue where she ate her friend the nome guy? she was worried that the issue came bk and she will eat mono uncontrollably. she cared about mono and knew mono will be safe inside so she rather dropped him.

    Jessica ChanJessica ChanMåned siden